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Roberto Rios

Academic Reflections






Post-Secondary Plans

Best Work

of ESLRs


The grades I received in my four years of high school are grades I consider satisfacroty. I did work hard, but still didn't try my best at times; my scholarship grades through all my fur years of high school were improving more every year. And even if at titmes I didn't did so well, I have always been a 3.01 GPA student. My high school life was productive and enjoyable, being part of the varsity football team my last 3 years made me a good student and person. I did enjoyed high school having the best friends and learning everything that I know by now.

In school I had strengths' a good example were my academic grades. I was good at getting high grades and working hard, but havind a 3.0 wasn't that easy. But I'm happy with my grades and my GPA. My other strength was football even if this wasn't an academic activiy, it helped me to be responsible with my grades. i played 4 years in high school, my last 3 ones were in vastiy, which were great seasons for me and my tem. Always trying my best at sport and to improve myself is something that matter to me.

Even with good grades and strengths at my school I did poorly in some areas of my high school life. One example of it was that I never tried to e part of any organizaton in CPH, like the ASB, MEChA, LINK CREW, or any other many of themthat we have. I guess I didn't know that it was important to me to be part of them because this would had help me in the future with my college applications. Other one is that through all my years I only tried football. I never wanted or tried to practice other sport rather than football. And now that I look back, sometimes I regret not doing that in the past; maybe now I would hace a scholarship in athletics or something important.

I have many major points in my life, like getting married, having a family, and living nicely. But now that I'm young I only focus on school primarily, especially in college for next year.I want to et into a four year univeristy if posible, or if not, I am going to community college and then transfer to any university. I want to graduate from a four year state university by having a major in psychology, and then specialize in criminology, I want to become a psychologist for the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. That is an area I like, and that is what I'm planning to do in the future. I will try my best like I did in high school by using my strengths of being responsible, being mature, getting good grades and focusing on my goal alla the time. I want to learn frome my past mistakes or weaknesees that I did in high school. If I have the chance to practice other sports I will because this will help me to be more successful in the future.