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Why Black People Are Worthless.

*.Being Black Is No Excuse For Failure.*

In Both Arab And Iranian Islamic Writings; "Blacks Are Accused Of Being Stupid, Untruthful, Vicious, Cowardly, Sexually Unbridled, Ugly And Distorted, Excessively Merry, And Easily Affected By Food And Drink."

Top Reasons To Think That Black People Are Worthless Objects On This Earth.

Learn To Read And Write. That's Not "Acting White." That's The Key To Success Anywhere You Want To Go. And ANYBODY Can Master Those Tools.

Nobody Ever Said Life Was Fair. It’s Not, And It Never Will Be. Get Over That Fact. You're Not The Only People Ever Pissed On By Life. Look At The Jews And The Vietnamese. THEY Were Pissed On, But They Didn't Lay There In The Puddle To Be Pissed On Again.

Black Men: Raise Your Goddamn Children. I've Heard This Shit Too Often To Recall--- Some 20-Something Black Guy Bragging To His Buddies At Work That He KNOWS He's A Man Because He's Sired Three Children By Different Women. He Doesn't Know His Kid's Names, But That Doesn't Matter To Him. He Thinks He's A Man. Dogs Do What He Did. Fathers Don't.

Accept Responsibility For Your Own Actions. I Know That It's A Lot To Ask In Today's Victim-Oriented Society, But Do You Really Believe That Hip-Hop And Rap; Ebonics And Baggy Pants Are The Way To Get Out Of The Ghetto? I Don't Think So. I Believe It's The Way To Keep Yourself Mired There And It's YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE.

Now After Reading All Of That; How Could You Not Agree That Black People Are Worthless “Scumbags”.