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Welcome to Miranda's Page!

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Hi =) This is my website –o- awesomeness that has taken for-freaken-ever to make. HTML IS SO CONFUSING!!!!!!! Grrrr…… I’m trying to make it really really really really cooo with all this pretty javascript and stuff. Keep coming back because I’m going to update my blog. The weekly poll will, obviously, be changed weekly. I also have a newly-added forum on here. Go in and write on any topic you want. I want to add some fun games, but I need to finish the basic stuff I want on here first. The cursor thingy is of Joey Ramone (for those of you who are not a Ramones fan) For some reason the code the website gave me wasn't working so I had to create my own code which took literally hours, lol. I'm so happy..... before I had a fishy cursor that was also cool but not as awesome as this one..... It'll probably go on a diff page.

Basically, the music I like is emo, punk, ska, and whatever sounds good i guess.I also do like some mainstream "punk". (Blink 182, No Doubt, the offspring) AFI is awesome, Dashboard Confessionals, Transplants,Me first and the gimme gimmes, The White Stripes, Guttermouth (Punk Rock Academy) Rage Against the Machine (Matrix Theme, Yay!) , Something Corporate, The Ramones, The Misfits, System of a Down,Weird Al Yankovic, Nirvana, the dauntless, chubby tuff, reel big fish, mustard plug, atom and his package, the weakerthans, etc. Yeah... i don't feel like typing all of them...

I'm also very anti our government, anti bush, etc. You'll see a lot of anti bush humor when I create my anti Bush shrine, lol. I'm going to add an opinion page with my opinions on political issues, and many other issues

Hi to all my friends, so “hi” Mckenzie, Lilly, Chelsea, Rachelle, Eli, Alexis V, Ashley, Alexis from my bus, Alexis F., Kyle, Myla, Autumn, Heather, Abigail and Ryan, Alex (not from school) Robert, Gabe, Stephen Shoemaker, Michael, Kerri, Taylor, Sam, Maria, Stacey, Hannah, Juan, Andrew, Ryan, Zakk, Tara, ummm…. There’s a lot more but I don’t feel like typing. Sorry! I’ll add your names later.

As you probably have already noticed, I have disabled the right click so unless you are a computer genius, you aren't able to steal my stuff. If you want anything, just e-mail me and ask and you can have it.Keep coming back and checking on my site because I’ll be updating regularly. And if you don’t sign the guestbook, I’ll scratch your eyes out =) Have a nice day!

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