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Music is my life.  1.18.2005 
So I've been kazaa and all music and a few other music websites I know of trying to find this one song, that I heard this one time in the car about a year ago... It's been a pain, but every now and then I'll hear the actuall version of "Cleanin' out my closet" not really like it and then remember that one time hearing it in my car with Mike Lee, whom I haven't seen since college, and liking this remix. It was almost like a ska undertone or at least horns playing the rhthem. I have no idea really how to describe it because I'm really quite bad at that, that and updates.... Anywho, what really brings this about is on FNX I heard a cover of Green Day's "Boulivard of Broken Dreams" which was really cool that combined Oasis and Aerosmith, Party Ben calls it "Boulivard of Broken Songs". Clever isn't it? Anywho, I guess it's this "new" genre called mash-ups that I've been kind of into, especially since hearing DJ Danger Mouse's "Grey Album", a mix of The Beatles "White Album" adn Jay-Z's "Black Album". I just think that sort of stuff is amazing. Being able to pull two songs into one and do it so well and seemlessly. If you haven't heard the Grey Album by the way, you haven't been hanging out with me lately and are therefore a bad friend. : P

4:43 AM

haha, time for me to check in...  1.14.2005 
Why am I so bad at this? I'd really love to be able to update more regularly, but I'm just so damn lazy...

Anywho, The holidays have come and went. I've bought a car, an Ipod, way to many bikes my latest here, I've riden all of once, but that one time was pretty sweet. I got one race in this year, which is better than last year which was none. I did pretty poorly, out of shape and flatted last lap, got lapped by pretty much everyone. So it goes... Just next year I'll need to be better prepared. I got a small ride in today indoors, pretty painful. Not so much the ride as much as being indoors. Spring will be here soon enough though...

Chris and Jess are now happily engaged. Which almost everyone is very happy for. I'm still with Simone for which I'm very happy, even if sometimes I don't act like it 100%, but I'm eternally grateful for her.

I'm currently unemployed, well I have the Globe, but that's not much of a job... I'm looking for temp work or some kind of office work to see if I can stand being caged in and doing the "normal hours" thing. I can still work at the globe as long as I want, just need to find something else. Hey, if I find a temp job I like maybe I'll go back to school, but we'll take that one step at a time...

Any suggestions? Asides from me updating more regularly which I promise to do.

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sept 13  9.14.2004 
So I turned 21 last night, went out with Simone to Boston Beer Works. Had some good beer and a couple of good burgers. Got carded, the waitress didn't know what day it was an said I was underage. Oh well, it made me laugh. Also picked up my car yesterday. It's a 2003 GTI 1.8T in silver. It's pretty sweet, you can take a gander at it here.

As for tonight, visit with Brian at Johnny D's and drink some more! Always responsibly though.


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