Polical Platform

Steve Marshall

Here at D-PASAJ we belive in making this a better country. I'm not saying we are perfect, but the best choice in this election. You can talk to some other D-PASAJ supporters in our chatroom. The link at the bottom will take you there. Here are a few things that we believe in.

-We believe that all people should be created equal, and we will do whatever possible to make this possible.

-We believe that people should take an active role in keeping the enviroment clean, we will be enforcing stricter litter laws.

-We believe that people should be model citizens. We will institute a dicipline policy that will make crime a thing of the past.

-We believe in the right to bare arms, however, there are limits to the arms that you may bare. We will enact laws to make fully automatic weapons illeagal. Also these laws will take the weapons out of the hands of criminals and put them where they belong, it will finally be safe to walk the streets again.