Final Score!The winner is Kurt Cobain with 57 points. Mozart only scored 51 points. According to you, the works of Kurt Cobain are greater than those of Mozart (at least in terms of the criteria of this activity)! You scored Kurt Cobain more highly than Mozart in the criteria that you identified as being the most important for great art.What do other people think?You can find out by having a look at the three tables below.The first table details the rankings of all our artists, based on the responses of the 39399 people who have taken part in this activity to date. The maximum an artist can score is 85 points, the minimum 17 points.The second table comprises a rank ordering of the aesthetic criteria themselves. The ranking is in terms of the perceived importance of each criterion for artistic merit. The maximum score is 5, the minimum is 1.The third table details the rankings of our artists based on the number of times they have been chosen as the desert island artist. For a number of reasons, it is not possible to draw straightforward conclusions about the general popularity of an artist from this ranking (most importantly, because the choice of desert island artist is between only two artists, who may originally have been selected for reasons not to do with popularity). Nevertheless, it is interesting to compare the "TPM Great Art League" with the "Desert Island Artists" ranking.