The Seven Cís

Correctness (accuracy) An expression which connotes an absence of error, conformity with facts/truth.

Completeness (thoroughness) An expression implying inclusion of all that is needed for the integrity, perfection, or fulfillment of writing/thought.

Conciseness (succinctness) An expression implying clarity but compactness in the briefest possible number of words.

Clearness (specificity) An expression free from narrowing or limiting obstructions; one easy to understand.

Concreteness (vividness) An expression in which all facts are definite, informative, vivid, and interesting.

Courtesy (respect) A pleasant act or expression; an expression of respect, politeness or considerate act.

Consideration (thoughtfulness) A thoughtful of sympathetic regard/respect for others; a thought or opinion produced by reflections; attention, deliberation, or mediation.