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Ty's House

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To my faithful readers (all two of you):

There's gonna be a slight change here at Ty's House. The journal which was once the main attraction, will now be no more. It was a royal pain to have to update the thing when I only knew basic HTML programming. Instead, I've found a much easier alternative called Xanga, which is pretty much like all the other web journals out there. To get to mine just click here. Hope to see you all there!

Song of the moment:

Radiohead - Just
Geez... doesn't this kid listen to more than just Radiohead? Not when I've got a concert of theirs to look forward to this August(!) Anyhoot... this is a journal topic, back to the song. I love this song for reason: it reminds me of the video. How goods the video? Hella. I'm not going to explain it, but for those of us with ethernet who still havent downloaded it are wasting time... don't come back till it's on your harddrive. There? Good. Now, in conclusion to my babbling, this song rocks. 4/5

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