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every second changes everything...

What a great day for an excorcism...

Constrict your hands around me,
squeeze till I cannot breathe


.: Current :.
[Location] b-ment
[Clothes] gym shorts and beater
[Hair] short and up/crazy
[Annoyance] contacts
[Smell] hair products
[Thing I Should Be Doing] hanging out with someone
[Desktop Picture] It's a black and white picture of a desk with a clock and a bawls at 3:06 A.M.
[Favorite Artist] Thursday and Rufio
[Book You’re Reading] Salem's Lot
[CD in CD Player] Dashboard - The Swiss Army Romance
[Refreshment] Gatorade, Glacier Freeze
.: Last Person You :.
[Touched] brother
[Talked to] brother
[Hugged] Stephanie, I miss her...
[Instant Messaged] Hannah
[Yelled At]
.: Either - or :.
[Righty or lefty] right, except playin pool.
[Innie or outtie] innie
[Boxers or briefs] Boxers
[Pepsi or coke] Coke
[Mcdonald’s or burger king] Mcdonalds, like everyday
[Single or group dates] single...
[Adidas or Nike] Adidas
[Lipton ice tea or nestea] Nestea
[7-11 or texico] QT at 2 A.M
[Cappuccino or coffee] depends
.: What is your :.
[Best physical feature] smile - so I've heard
[Bedtime] 4 A.M
[Greatest accomplishment] helping people out
[Most missed memory] young - when it was okay to be stupid
[Favorite article of clothing] jeans
[Goal in life] help a lot of people out along the way
.: Favorite :.
[Food] fruits
[Drink] pop - I'm unhealthy
[Color] Red
[Shoes] brown off brand
[Animal] KITTENS!!! and puppies of course
[Movie] tons
[Vegetable] broccoli with ranch
[Fruit] all
[Cartoon] don't watch T.V
[Song] Take It Away, by The Used.
[Word] "meh" or "Hey-Zeus!"
[Letter] f
[Ice Cream Flavor] any type of coffee
[Girl Name] I'm not positive
[Boy Name] I have a couple
[Book] A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
[Genre] I'm up for anything: horror, comedy, chick flick etc. lol
[Concert] 311, August 2002
.: Are you :.
[Understanding] Yes
[Insecure] yeah
[Interesting] no, I annoy myself
[Random] yes
[Hungry] yes, I only had brisket and a hamburger an hour ago
[Friendly] if you don't annoy me
[Smart] yeah
[Childish] sure as Hell can be
[Independent] not during the summer
[Hard working] definitely not during the summer
[Organized] kinda
[Healthy] I hope...
[Shy] yes
[Difficult] for the stupid kids
[Attractive] probably not
[Bored easily] yes
[Thirsty] yes
[Responsible] no
[Angry] yeah
[Sad] yeah
[Happy] no
[Stessed] Yes
[Hyper] no
[Trusting] yes
[Talkative] yes
[Easily jelous] yeah
.: Who do you want to :.
[Kill] I don't think I could
[Slap] wiggers, screw offs, show offs and anyone that annoys me
[Get real wasted with] anyone
[Get high with] same ^

r i g h t - n o w
What color are the pants that you are wearing? jeans
What song are you listening to right now? Techno, all night.
What taste is in your mouth? Fruity Pebbles
How are you? tired/mad
Do you get motion sickness? Only once... we ate after visiting Colby, and on the way home... :O woooooah man.
Have a bad habit? of course
Like to drive? Yeah, I'd like to just drive down the highway to a remote and uninhabbited area just to watch the stars.

L O V E...
Current crush: I have a few... you'll have to ask me
Been in love: yes.
Had a hard time getting over someone: still do
Been hurt: yes...
Your greatest regret: Not keeping something a secret.
Gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: yeah pretty much

r a n d o m
Do you have a job: not yet
Your cd player has in it right now: specialty mix of my own.
If you were a crayon what color would you be: white
What makes you happy: Watching the stars, listening to music, or just being with someone I like a lot...
What's the next CD you're gonna get: Rufio or another Dashboard

(I took that from Alexis... hope you don't care!!)

This is the best picture of me.