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Fire Extinguishers

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Siting of Fire Extinguishers

Normally, extinguishers should be permanently mounted on brackets or stands in conspicuous positions where persons following an escape route can easily see them, e.g. close to exits.

The intention is to encourage people to move towards the exit, rather than go further into danger. It is usual to locate extinguishers adjacent to fire alarm call points, so people can actuate the fire alarm before picking up an extinguisher.

Extinguishers should be sited so that it is not necessary to travel more than 30m to reach one.

Extinguishers provided for special fire risks should be sited near to the risk, but not so near as to be inaccessible or place the operator in undue danger from fire. e.g In a kitchen, next to the door rather than next to the cooker.

Mounting Fire Extinguishers

Small extinguishers weighing up to 4 kg should be mounted with the carrying handle about 1.5m from the floor, whilst larger, heavier extinguishers should be mounted with their handles at about 1m. Care should be taken to ensure that injury is not caused by extinguishers being dislodged and falling onto people.


The health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) regulations 1996 requires that where extinguishers are placed in positions hidden from direct view, their location should be indicated by signs and, where appropriate, directional arrows.

Excessive Temperatures

The contents and/or operation of extinguishers is affected by temperature, and extinguishers conforming to BS EN 3 are marked with their operating temperature range. Extinguishers should not be exposed to temperatures outside this range.

It is possible to obtain water and foam extinguishers containing anti-freeze.