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This is a list of people I may right about in my entries. The people that affect my everyday life. Updated: April 17, 2004, due to some people's comments that were on here.
Oh, and here's my picture:

My Friends
  • Rachael K: My girlfriend of a year, we've been best friends for about 5 years. She is graduating this year.

    (her and Amanda)
    (me and her)
  • Jesy: My boyfriend of over a month (first started dating Feb. 29) He's got kinda long hair, he's gothic, and makes me feel loved. He's awesome.
    (An old picture of him, before his hair cut.)
  • Courtney: My best friend of about 6 years, the one I can tell anything to. She's Caltholic. She's the drummer in my band (I'm guitar and vox.)

  • Josh: My ex-b/f. Veronica's ex, and the subject of a lot of problems. Loves vampires as much as me. He's bisexual, used to date Tim.
    (He gave me a few pics, but the only ones that showed his face were quite naughty...hehe..)
  • Chucky: Likes me a little too much, used to date alot of people, gets into a bunch of crap.
  • Matt S: My ex-b/f. Who I loved and slept with. Cheated on me repeatly. I still see him every day at school. A senior, and going into the Air Force.

  • Jonathan: My ex b/f. More friends than dating partners. Going into the Marines, and he's a senior.
  • Tim: Likes me. Jonathan's best friend. My fellow Pagan-Wicca lover. On with me. Used to date Josh.
  • Kurt: On with me. I've known him since 3rd grade.
  • Robert: Jesy's best friend and a good friend of mine. I spent the night at his house once with Courtney for his birthday. I was trying to hook him and Courtney up, but Courtney decided not to go for it.
  • Danielle: She dated Kenny and we were enemies last year. This year, we are just fine. Dating Brandy.
    (the one getting hugged)
  • Brandy: Danielle's girlfriend. Used to date Rachael. Brandy is the one who was messing with Matt while I was dating him. I have more reasons to be angry with her, but I'm over it.

  • Amanda R.: An ex-g/f of mine and we're still friends. Loves anime, like me.
    (well, her breasts. Josh is a perv.)
  • Naomi: My friend. She's Asian, and gothic. She's the bassist in our band. Loves JTHM as much as me.

  • Rachel S: Loves Kurt Cobain as much as me. She's the other guitarist and 2nd vox in our band.) She's bisexual.

    (here's a funky paint program one.)

    My Fellow Peers, non-friends, non-enemies
  • Seth: A guy I used to like, who did me wrong. We rarely talk. Bisexual, used to date Tim.
  • Stewart: A cool drummer guy in a Christian band, he graduates this year. Dates a junior chick, and he has the prettiest eyes.
    (a terrible picture from his band's website.)
  • Trevor: My ex-b/f. The one I loved and he took my virginity. He broke up with me after being engaged, too, for reasons that can't be explained here.
  • Kristi: A girl I used to hang out with last year. She's in my art class now. Very sarcastic.
  • Katrese: A black chick who loves wars and anime (like me). She's in my creative writing class.
  • Michael: A boy in my creative writing class, very into war, and interesting to listen to.
  • Krystal J.: A friend of mine last year. I only talk to her in Physics now.
  • Crystal L.: Jonathan's ex-girlfriend. She dated Matt after me.
  • Haylee: The quirky chick that runs the local underground concerts we have once a month.
  • Jason: A boy in my Physics class. I don't talk to him much. He sees my mom when she comes into his work and he talks to her.
  • Will: An ex-b/f of mine (for like 3 days because he was a bastard) and used to date Danielle.
  • Kenny: Danielle's ex. They were dating last year and me and him used to be best friends, until problems with me. Danielle found out and me and Kenny were no longer friends. We didn't talk for about a year, until just recently, after him and Danielle broke up. I will never be with him though.
  • Dennis: Was my friend and partner in crime in Driver's ed, then moved to California, then came back, and I only see him a few mintues a day. He dates Crystal L. now.

    My Enemies
  • Veronica: She's a hypocrite, and it's basicly because of Josh that we are fighting about.
    (turned wrong, lol..)
  • Kristina: She messed with me last year and wouldn't fight me when I wanted to.
  • Stacy: Used to be my best friend from the time we were 7 up until last year when she betrayed me many times.
  • Robyn: Tore me and Stacy apart at one time. Stacy's girlfriend.
  • Amanda ?: I don't know her last name, but she is James' cousin. Used to flirt with him! She is always rude to me.

    My Family
  • Mom: 36, a Dollar General assistant manager.
  • Dad: 48, a trucker. Recently had by-pass surgery in Feb.
  • Candace: 13, a prep. We don't get along most of the time. Sometimes it's okay.
  • David: 8, has severe ADHD. We get along good. He's so cute!
  • LeAnne: 16, my cousin. A druggie, and gets arrested and kicked out of school alot. Caused problems between me and Joey last year.
  • Elizabeth: 18, my cousin.

    My Pets
  • Chief: my 5 year old black lab-dalmation mix.
  • Sadie: about 2 years old, from the pound, she's about to have puppies (father is chief.)
  • Jill: my 2 year old jack russell terrier.
  • Jack: Jill's mate, he died last year
  • Sunshine & Rain: The two mating cockatiels.
  • Phillip-Snow: Sunshine and Rain's first baby. I named it Phillip, my mom named it Snow. It turned out to be a girl. Who's a little meanie.
  • Max: My male parakeet. Became a meanie after Gizmo died.
  • Gizmo: Max's mate. Candace accidently let Jill get ahold of her.
  • Jezebel: The bird we tried to get Max to mate with after Gizmo's death, but he only wanted Gizmo, so we had to put them apart.
  • Smokey: Our little rabbit. His teeth grow too long, and my mom accidently pulled one of them out the other day.
  • Prey: Used to be named Hunter, but my dad's nickname for him stuck. We can't let Smokey out, but we let Prey out to run around the house, and the dogs are scared because the rabbit is as big as them.
  • Spike: My cat. He used to have a black mohawk before he became a tomcat.
  • Jackrabbit: A huge muscled tomcat we have. He's the 3rd generation that we raised from birth.
  • Sebastian: Not really our dog. He's the neighbor's dog but they don't care for him. The whole neighborhood feeds him, and when he got ran over (but not killed) we took care of him.

  • James: An ex-b/f. Wanted to lose his virginity to me but never did. He moved away, and the last I heard, he got his new girlfriend pregnant the first time.
  • Jennifer: Tim's ex-girlfriend. I think she realized Tim liked me.
  • Thomas: A guy in one of my classes that I talk to. I've known him since ele. school.
  • Taylor: Rachael's ex-b/f. I bitched him out a couple times for different things. He says he's not bisexual anymore. He's friends with Jesy and Zach.
  • Charles: Rachael's ex. She still likes him.

  • Justin H.: Rachael's boyfriend, who's playing her.
  • Justin M.: A friend of mine in middle school. Joey's cousin. Justin used to like me.
  • Joey: He's expelled this year. Was in a car crash with me and Rachael (I was driving.)
  • Shane: A freshman that loves to cheat on everyone and likes me but I won't date him. We did kiss a few times. We don't really talk any more.
  • Chris: Robert's brother.
  • Alicia: A girl in my Bible studies class. Josh messes with her.

  • Zach: A friend of Jesy's. I had a crush on him last year.

  • Zack L.: A black boy that used to ride my bus, now rides Jesy's bus.
  • Marcus: Zack L.'s brother.
  • Whitney: A girl I was friends with in middle school and she's in my class now.
  • Jessica: A girl that likes me, says she knows me through Misty. I don't answer her calls anymore, because I don't like her.
  • Misty: An ex-g/f of mine. We're no longer friends.
  • Casie: An ex-g/f of mine. Matt likes her now.
  • Mrs. E. Jones: My awesome English teacher.