-Shout Outs-

Amanda Howe - I hate you. And you've gotta face the truth. haha. jk. I think your pretty awesome, when your not talking about eric. jk. yeah, we've had many good times. Well I love you almost as much as I love my brother. Good thing im being sarcastic. ;) I promise your not my best friend. jk about that too.

Mandy Harris- Hey! I think your sooo awesome. Your my best friend too! Your always there for me, for my problems...and I love you a lot for that. I kinda like consider you my sister.....because im always at your house, and we're really close. Well I hope you get that special someone that you've been wanting forever...and I hope I get that someone I want ;). jk. Girll you know im over him. haha...well I hope we'll always be best friends...bye.

Tara Collins - Your really cool. Even though you've turned prep. I still love you. And I love the way you get juiced. Good thing you told me what that mean't, because I would've never guessed. ;). Your pretty awesome. Maybe we could hang out more? Pshh...whateva. jk.

Gonzalez, Brooke - Hey. Yeah...we fight a lot. Or do we? Yeah i think we do. But whatever we're still friends. Aren't we? jk. Well, your pretty cool. Your one cool-cat that I love so very much.

RikkiLee Hunter - Pshh I don't know why im even putting you on my shout out's list. You effin whore. jk. jk. jk. I love you sooo much. Not just because your one cool-cat, but because you helped me with my site. ;), and your a great friend. I love you bunches.

Leah Whitman - Leah, Leah, Leah. Your awesome. You love rainbows, and I love rainbows. You love the fair, and I love the fair. Whoaa, we were mean't for each other...jk. ;). Love ya like a gangsta that you are.

Amanda Taylor - Hey. Yeah,I have2frnds named Amanda. I like you better though. jk. I haven't known you that long, but your still cool. Love ya.

Megan Credle - Hey. I never talk to you anymore, because you never talk to me. But I love you anyways.

Whitney Woods - Hey chicka! What's poppin gangsta? hah. Love ya...

Eric Girtman? - yeah....hey.

Partin, Todd - Hey. I haven't talked to you in like 10 years? yeah, i'd say that's about right.

Chelsea L. - I haven't talked to you in a while. You use to be my bestest friend until you moved :(.

Misty - Hey. I use to know you. But now I don't :S.

Tanner Lee - What up Dirrty? haha. Yeah, your pretty cool. I guess. Your just to much of a gangsta for me.