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Endless Nirvana
name. Abbey Rose N-----
birthdate. April 9
age. 15
location. Indiana, USA
height. 5'2"
weight. 110 lbs
hair. naturally blonde - w/ pink
eyes. green
status. Jodie <33

I'm outgoing, crazy, and in love.
I hate being alone, and when I'm in large groups of people I tend to get large bursts of energy.
When I dance, something I love, I'm bouncy and energtic.
But if I'm alone and I meet someone new, I am very shy.
I'm extremly flirtatious and friendly most of the time tho.
I beielve in love at first sight, sex before marriage, and integrity first.

It all began in a small town called Tell City, Indiana on April 9th 1990.
A tiny little girl with blonde hair and green eyes was born to the parents Toby and Melinda by the name of Abbey Rose.
She grew up in the same house all her life, and has stayed pretty happy.
Her parents get along for the most part and they have been together around 17 years.
She is the only child, and she enjoys it to the fullest.
She plans on marrying her current boyfriend after attending college...and being as happy as she can be <3

Blink 182.** The All-American Rejects. Simple Plan.
Taking Back Sunday. Nirvana. Dashboard Confessionals.
Good Charolette. Fall Out Boy. The Killers.
Sugarcult. Switchfoot. Sum 41.
Marron 5.* Brand New. My Chemical Romance.
Matchbook Romance. Bright Eyes. Smile Empty Soul.
Bowling For Soup. Rancid. John Mayer.
Story of The Year. Yellowcard. Mae.
France Ferdinand. Letter Kills. NOFX.
The Vandals. Anti Flag. Green Day. Motley Crew.

Music. Dance. Books. Sex.
Starbucks. Wendys. Peaches. Rainbows.
Chatting. Photography. Sodas. Love. Hugging. Kissing.
Cuddling. Weekends. Walking. Computers.
Sleeping. Beds. Hair. HairDye. Hot Pink.
Green. Peircings. Eating.

ClosedMindedPeople. Fighting. Liars. SuckUps.
Fakers. PeopleWhoDontCareAboutAnything.
BeingBored. Work. NoMoney.
Cleaning. Exercise. MrsBryan. Essays.