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What I Learned in Graphic Programming Class

By Diego Avelar

Period 3

For Mr. Speakman

Date: January 24th, 2005

Outline of Graphic Programming Class

    1. Data Representation

      A. Information Theory

      B. Common Data Sizes

      C. Common File Types

    D. Data Compression

      E. Sound Data Representation

      F. Video Data Representation

    2. MS Paint

      A. MS Paint Vocabulary

      B. An image I made using MS Paint

    3. Adobe Photoshop Elements

      A. Adobe Photoshop Vocabulary

      B. An Image I made using Adobe Photoshop Elements

    4. Using the Scanner and Digital Camera

      A. Scanner and Digital Camera Vocabulary

      B. An image I made with Digital Camera or Scanner

    5. Simply 3D

      A. 3D animation vocabulary

      B. An animation I made using Simply 3D

    6. Basic HTML coding

      A. Commonly used HTML tags

      B. An example web page I made with HTML code

    7. MS Front Page Editor

      A. Front Page 2000 vocabulary

      B. An example web page I made with Front Page

        8.  Best Thing I Learned in Class

A.  Short Essay  "The Best Thing I  learned in Class"(200 word essay)


B.  An example of the best thing I did in class

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