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Crappy Songs

Hey! Well, this is my site, yep it sucks, but so do you. These are some songs of mine that I typed up. Every other song is essentially the same, so itís like one really long song. Some of them really suck, but they all kind off mean something different to me though, so I put them on too. Feel free to look around, and tell me what you think. I'd like to hear what you think they mean. That would be cool. If you do read them, don't read them all at once, they have been known to cause seizures. Other than that, go right ahead.

Crappy Songs...

Crooked Steps
It's Not So Bad
The Dolphins Are Taking Over
False Pretence Of A Perpetual Dream
Mediocre Friend
Humanity 101
What A Beautiful Day
Friday Nights At The Home Of The Blind
Predictable Chaos
Paranoid Anabolic Steroid Floyd
Something Completely Unoriginal, I Think I Left My Mind Behind This Time
Simple And Predictable
That's Life, I Guess
Marching Fools
Straight Turn
Stoned Conformists Think They're So Cool
Deal With It
See You Around
Purest Crap
Myself To Blame

A friend of mine wrote these songs. They are awesome!

87 Years Young
North Dakota
Orange Oranges

Crappy Music...

The Dolphins Are Taking Over
Mediocre Friend
False Pretence Of A Perpetual Dream


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