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True Feelings

Broken and Useless, sitting in my basement alone,
Music flows from my speakers and reminds me of the sadness deep inside.
I dream of the perfect girl to make me feel better, a girl in which I could confide.
I pray minute after minute that a ring will come from my phone,
and a beautiful voice will come through and this girl will be shown.

My heart breaks every minute I realize it isn't true,
That no-one seems to want to be that girl for me
So I still wait in my cold basement dreaming of she.
Hopeless and alone, will I ever find a girl whom I love, who loves me too?
Walking down the road alone, autumn leaves strewn everywhere, how will I pull through.
My heart once again breaks in two.

I see a light that I climb towards with all my might,
but whenever I get close to it my eyes are burned and my hopes let down.
My weak smile fades, heart crushed again, I can only muster a frown.
I can't give up, I cannot lose this unbearable fight
because a hope's still inside me that one day I might reach that light.

The light that'll save me, fix my heart once more,
I dream about it everyday and wish for it on every star at night.
That one day I'll find that special girl whom is my only light.
Until it happens I'll be wandering the cold nothingness, my heart still tore,
but it will all be worth it when I find that light I've been searching for.

Written by (Ben)

Heart Against Nerves

She sits near me sometimes and it makes my heart pound,
I can hardly see straight, my legs wobble on the ground.
It's odd that to the girl whom I adore the most I can't say a word,
When she is the one I want to speak my mind to and want to be heard.
I can tell her almost everything through text, rhyme and verse,
But when I'm face to face my speech is affected by set curse.

I want to tell her how I feel but I fear she'll break my heart,
So I wait and I wait 'til the moment is right.
I build up all the courage I can muster so I sometime can start,
To try and speak what's in my heart while you're in sight.

Her beauty is beyond anything I've yet to have seen,
I sometimes must pinch myself to make sure it's no dream.
It's hard to believe I could find a girl as perfect as her,
Someone so smart, gorgeous, kind and perfect makes my nerves stir.

In the battle between heart and nerve,
From which side will the last blow be served,
I cheer for my feelings and hope they not let me down or hurt me some way,
Because a girl with such udder perfection does not come around every day.

Written by Ben for the girl whom i'm infatuated with currently at school. (Feb 5, 2005)

Hah, so much for poetry eh? She broke my heart, repeatedly... well anyway, maybe someone reading this likes it... *sigh* (March something 2005)