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Ashraf Salem Official Web Site

Name: Ashraf Salem
August, 28.
Place of birth: Helwan, Egypt.
Education: Accountant.

Ashraf is a Composer, He got his Bachelor Degree in Accounting from University Of Cairo.

Ashraf is single, he lives with his parents. His family consists of Him, his Mom, Dad, a Brother and a Sister.

Ashraf Started his music career with a song for Mohamed Mounir; one of the best egyptian singers at his  time, the song was titled Ya Om El Khodod Roman written by Sameh El Agamy, it was released in El Farha Album; one of the top albums for Mohamed Mounir.

Ashraf worked with many singers such as Hamid El Shari, Moustafa Amar, Ehab Tawfik, Samira Saeed, Aline Khalaf, Latifa, Magd El Kasem, Lo2ay, Mohamed Mohie, Hamada Helal, Hakim, Khaled Selim, Shaimaa Said, Nawal El Zoghaby, Hany Shaker and More ......

For More Information or to download Songs composed by Ashraf Salem for any of the above singers please visit our songs page.

 Ashraf always welcome new writers and singers seeking his help and knowledge to start their music career, if your are one of those CLICK HERE.

This is the first and only official website for Ashraf Salem

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