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XOfTheAngelsX:this is college not DAft Punk
HiggitySpiggity: no difference

Auto response from LightninJoe12 (7:24:52 PM): i am thuper gay. everyone commit hate crimes against me

CloudOnnaStrife (8:27:41 PM): I wanna' find a girl who doesn't just wanna' get her ovaries off..

EfiL DevolnU (12:17:19 AM): doth thou yahoo?

gh0s7m347 (7:17:39 PM): I like being sex
gh0s7m347 (7:17:41 PM): err
gh0s7m347 (7:17:43 PM): being sick
gh0s7m347 (7:17:48 PM): wow, that was freudian

HiggitySpiggity (11:37:19 PM): I'd fuck you til your ears bled
HiggitySpiggity (11:37:25 PM): then give you eardrops

LightninJoe12 (3:41:56 PM): i was like "mom its a known fact that every jew is good with numbers" and then my sister was like "yeah they should like have special camps for them" and i was like "NO THATS A BAD IDEA SOMEONE ALREADY TRIED THAT!!!!"

MegaManXMH (6:18:08 PM): your dad smells like a black woman

Nick teh newbie (5:49:57 PM): now i'm going to do something more imporant than talking to you
Nick teh newbie (5:50:15 PM): alright, i'm done reading my magazine

punkheathen (4:25:01 PM): sometimes (usually when i eat chinese food) my insides are screaming and nothing can come out of my butt cause im constipated

sketchinartist (7:25:28 PM): I still remember this from last year: "Hey, Billy? Let's pretend that a very large bird has flown into the room and pecked out your tongue, and that you are now unable to speak."

WaterFaerie11 (10:44:51 PM): they just get kind of anoying when i'm trying to get laid...they're all fluttering around saying " you're out of the pepporoni ones..."...

xo duvet ox (10:08:51 PM): if I took the georgia out of your name your name would be men