Hello....this is a page of quotes and actions from my friend Brandee. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up...but here are a few examples as to why thats probably not a good idea.....

Ashley: i'm thinking about becoming an Indian
Jamie: you know that means you have to make your own stuff like a canoe
Brandee: Yeah like mucasas, the shoes they wear, and then you can live in Indiana or in indiannapolis, the annapolis indians!!

"My bologna has a first name its O-S-C-A-R, my bologna has a second name is M-E-Y-E-R, cuz OSCAR MEYER has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!!"

"Oh my god. So on Monday, when it was pouring down raining I decided I wanted to wash my car. I got my clothes on and got the bucket and the soap and I walked outside and stood there for lik ten minutes until I looked up and said 'holy shit its raining' So I though 'Oh...well I'll just wash it my car in the garage'"

CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:22:03 PM): you know racketball courts....well at the gym they have i went insid and yelled and ran out quickly and laughed at the echo it made
CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:22:10 PM): then i threw a bouncy ball and it came back and hit me in the head

CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:23:29 PM): i like to oat oat oat, oaples and banonos...i like to ite ite ite iples and baninis

CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:29:23 PM): i'm gonan bring you guys a finger condom
CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:29:30 PM): so at least something i said didnt sound stupid

CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:31:17 PM): oh man today i cocked a pretzel in the toaster and i put a paper towel in it on accident and then it caught on fire

"hey ytou know what makes me laugh...those bumper stickcers that say "I brake for animals"

CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:49:13 PM): its like the pork,the other white meat ones

CrAzYCuTiE75 (6:50:00 PM): i'm thinking about when i get a house buidling a racketbal court just so i can yell in it

CrAzYCuTiE75:i cant belive it came back and hit me in the head though
CrAzYCuTiE75: i kept throwing it and screaming and running away

CrAzYCuTiE75: denis was like "whats black and white and read all over" and then she said a newspaper, so i started thinking and iw as like no "a nun on her period"

"Jamie, my legs are so tingly it feels like 1,000 crawlers are running up it"
"Whoa...its like the opposite of a magnifying glass!"

"If I had a special people helmet I'd run around with my head dragging on the walls"

"Looks its shovels!...oh...those are rocks..."

(playing with a rubber band)"Im playnig like a musical!"

"'Meats no treat for those your eat'...I don't understand!"

"I wish I may or wish I might have this wish that real or did I just make it up?"

"One day I wanna take my shoelaces and I'm going to dangle them in front of a mexican...becane they made them...because I have them...because they want them back?"

"How can people wiht epillepcy be smart?"

"Epilleptic smart people? Whats epilleptic? Is that really your team? Who would name their team that?"

CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:55:51 PM): what if i was like a role model?
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:56:11 PM): do you think pepole would actually like listen to me
xo duvet ox (8:56:12 PM): id feel sorry for the kid
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:56:30 PM): no like oh like a big sister thing
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:56:40 PM): for a poor kid
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:56:40 PM): i coud find a mexican one and help them out
xo duvet ox (8:57:02 PM): and give them shoelaces?
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:57:07 PM): yes
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:57:13 PM): i will donate mine voluntarily
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:57:59 PM): from old shoes
CrAzYCuTiE75 (8:58:04 PM): they just want to take back wha tis theirs

CrAzYCuTiE75 (9:11:34 PM): wow what if i named my kid magenta
CrAzYCuTiE75 (9:12:15 PM): could you imagine....hey mom magenta is coming over to play today

"Wheres the table of contents?"