Real Name
Alexander Marcus Ashton
191 lbs.
Seattle, Washington (currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA)
Entrance Theme
"The Energy" - Audiovent
Open To Interpretation
Wrestling Style
Traditional Pro Wrestling/Lucha Libre
Timothy Ashton (brother
Andrew Ashton (brother)
Corey Ashton (brother)
Aaron Ashton (brother)
Morgana (sister-in-law)
Corey Ashton Sr. (father, deceased)
Lindsey Romack (girlfriend)

Jonathan Collins

Reno Frost
Chris Extreme
White Phoenix
Aaron Ashton

Alexander Ashton

Greatest Matches/Feuds
Quick Fact/s
Alexander Ashton, along with Jonathan Collins, Lindsey Romack, and Robbie Storm, form a bar band known as "3E".
Ring Attire/Appearance Entrance
Ring Attire- Alex tends to not worry about ring attire. He, for the most part, wears workout pants and a t-shirt, usually of some band like The Ramones.

Appearance- Alexander Ashton has really taken a fondness for the "indie" rock look, and thus tends to look like he never bathes, brushes his hair, or even changes his clothes. Not considering his look, Ashton still has a decently built frame for pro wrestling.

(Picture Base: Jack White from The White Stripes)

The lights dim as the first sounds of drum can be heard in the opening of "The Energy" by Audiovent. As the strobe lights go off, building towards the crescendo of the opening, the crowd begins to stir, until the first line, "Every now and then I think about you..." starts, and Alexander Ashton emerges from the back, ready for action. He starts down the entrance way, taking a moment to concentrate on the goal of what's in the ring as he slides in and immediately gets up, before heading to the corner and leaning against it, ready for action.

 History Personality

Let's be honest.

Next to nothing is known about this Ashton famil member other than his lineage, and his disdain for using the family name to advance himself. Like his close friend Jonathan Collins, he too is strongly into music, and in reality, he is the half of their little duo that strives to make their band the reason behind their fame, not their occasional tag team. However, Alex's bloodline has made him the target of several people, and this brings him to dispel the rumour that he is the "weak link" of the family.

Thanks to a string of bad luck, dealing with his family, and his absolute disdain with certain pop culture icons, Alexander is growing ever cynical, sardonic, and just about every form of disenchanted you can come across. Alexander is quick to speak negatively about just everything, save for one weakness.

That weakness is Madison Collins.

The young daughter of his best friend makes Alex believe in all things that may be good in this world...and often brings out Ashton's softer side...but don't tell anyone that.

Favorite Matches Gimmick

1) Ladder Match -

It's not like you haven't heard of this before...but a match like this tends to be the standard favorite match of all cruiserweight competitors. This favors Ashton in a way that it allows him to take some of his aerial moves and get more impact with them.

No gimmick.

Seriously, Alex doesn't have a gimmick. He doesn't need one. He hardly wrestles, so why bother? Alexander Ashton is Alexander Ashton. Leave it at that.



Standard Moves Signature Moves Trademark Finisher/s

Alex's basic arsenal consists of amateur takedowns and holds, with the occasional cruiserweight spot thrown in. However, with his increasing time spent training with Jonathan Collins, both men are becoming adapt at the DDT.

1) The Static Lullabye - Alex loved Jonathan's move so much, he took it for himself. It's a full nelson turned into a DDT, and yes, he too is one of the few people that pulls off the double team variation, The Double Negative.

2) The Tragedy -
Alexander brings to the table this beautiful swinging ace crusher, otherwise known as a TKO.

3) Sing The Sorrow -
Alexander managed to sneak in an innovative manuver of his own, which is really just his variation on the double underhook piledriver. Alex hooks them for it, but as they're vertical, Ashton slowly takes one arm at a time, and instead of holding them up with a double underhook, he balances the arms on top of his.

1) Ashton Ankle Lock

Yeah...that'd be the same Ashton Ankle lock that every other brother uses.

2) The Lost Signal

This move is a wicked Shining Wizard kick, based off of Shane "Hurricane" Helms' variation. With the opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle, facing into the ring, Ashton runs towards the corner, jumps to the second turnbuckle, and leaps off, hitting the opponent with a shining wizard kick.

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