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- Update Note.

- Introduction.

Updated: 9 / 25 / 03

: / / H E Y ! -

[S]o here it is, yet ANOTHER damn website. What? I felt inspired since I don't have a damn license and miss my car terribly. I like the name alot too. So it's called Zero - 11. I will refer to it as "The Z.o.o." and don't you even think about copying my shizzy, I've got lawyers... well, ok no I don't, and I don't really anyone besides myself to think its exceptionally GREAT. I like the layout as well, its the first time I've ever done something like this, with much props to PiRoWiZaRd for telling me how he did his dads site. Fireworks... great program... think, KaZaA...

In any event... here it is, enjoy and we'll see how far my intrested goes for this biatch...

:// PS_

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