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     Greetings! Welcome to the Galactic Realms Simming Universe Webpage! This site is designed as a database for the simmers of the Galactic Realms Simming Universe. You can access this data by clicking on one of the links below. If you have any questions about Galactic Realms, or problems with this site, e-mail Head Game Master Lance M Conn.

The Rules
Galaxy Information
Miscellaneous Information
Rulebook Information
Head Game Master Rulings

     Well, if you've had enough of the warbook and just wanna cruise around a website, your best bet is down here. There's some links for each sim's webpage, a link to the boards, and some miscellaneous links. Have fun.

Galactic Empire Website
New Republic Website
Republic Reborn Website
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If you're interested in joining a faction, you can tell the following people:

Galactic Empire
New Republic
Republic Reborn
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