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Full name:  chet michael kueffer
AIM:   chechunka

DOB: 3/2/80

Favorite band(s): thrice, the replacements, AFI, cursive, nada surf, the faint, death cab for cutie, at the drive-in, mates of state, nirvana, fountains of wayne, alkaline trio, U2, hot rod circuit, refused, OMD, sigur ros, third eye blind, wilco, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, the marvelous 3, diversion 4.0, jimmy eat world, superdrag, coldplay, notwist, guns n' roses, saves the day, bright eyes, the promise ring, that dog,.... I like a lot of bands.

First concert attended: petra - when I was 12.

Favorite concert(s) attended
jimmy eat world, no knife, and reflector @ the bottleneck
marvelous 3 & 'A' @ the granada
bright eyes, the rapture, and the faint @ the el torreon

mesa tremoverb dual-rectier
mesa 4x12 with vintage 30's
white 1980 gibson sg standard
tobacco burst 1984 gibson sg standard
black 1988 black gibson sg standard
korg ms2000
e-mu vk6 synth

roland mc-505 groove box.