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Welcome to our music page! For now you guys can check out some of our lyrics. MP3's and such will be coming soon, so keep coming back for more on those. Oh and by the way..


* Turn That Frown Upside-down *

Thereís no greater hurt

Than when a loved oneís in pain

Whisper your secrets to my mind made of vain

I would shed blood to have you bright again for a


I wish there was more I could do

Open your soul let the love bleed through

Free that spirit I know youíve locked inside

Your unicorn has arrivedÖ


The green monkeyís talking

Your deaf to his demise

Please open your eyes

Take my hand

Letís take a step outside

I wish I could give you all youíve ever wanted

I will always listen to you

And thatís all I can do

* Loved Up *

Pink nail polish

Oh no surprise

Thinking outside your mind

Itís called divine

Whereís your disguise

Its for the guys

Oh no itís for the girls

Yeah itís for the girls

Suffering is a gift (2x)

Itís my greatest gift

At least 3 minutes of bliss

Teal Vista Venus

Strap on your guitar

Men are from Mars

Quiet time left at the bar

Whereís your disguise

Itís for the guys

Oh no itís for the girls

Yeah itís for the girls

*Get Over Yourself*

Wake up to the mirror

To myself, to my reflection again

300 pound moster

Gazing with pimples and blemishes

To pale too sick too skinny they say

But I wonít eat today anyway

In a room with 30 faces

I talk, I laugh, I laugh

But I feel so alone waiting for time to pass

3am wonít sleep again

Janeís Addictionís my heroes my best friend

Wake up too the mirror to myself

To my reflection again

Hope the day soon comes to an end

* Damn Good Movie *

Part 1:

I want a bean feast

(Oh, one of those)

Cream buns and donuts and fruitcakes with no nuts

So good you could go nuts

(You can have all those things when we go home)

No now!

I want a ball, I want a party

Pink macaroons and a million balloons and

performing baboons and give it to me!

(later) Now!

I want the world

I want the whole world

I want to lock it all up in my pocket itís my bar of chocolate

Give it to me now!

I want today, I want tomorrow

I want to wear Ďem with braids in my hair

And I donít want to share them!

I want a party with rooms full of laughter ten thousand pounds of ice cream

And if I donít get these things that Iím after Iím going to screamÖ.

I want the works I want the whole works

Presents and prizes and sweets and surprises

And now! Donít care how I want it now

Donít care how I want it nowÖ..

Part 2:

Oompa loompa doompadee do

Iíve got another puzzle for you

Oompa loompa doopadah dee

If you are wise youíll listen to me

Who do you blame when your kid is a brat

Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat

Blaming the kid is a lie and a shame you know

exactly whoís to blame

The mother and the father

Oopma loompa doopadee dah

If you arenít spoiled then you will go far

You will live in happiness too

Like the oopma loompa dommpadee do!