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"Inside every fat man, there's skinny man, signaling wildly to be let out"

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Hey kids. This is Kimmie again. I've got tight news. The Fakers are alive and kickin once again. We have a new band member named Ty.. yes he is a guy... which kinda screws up this whole girl band thing... but he only plays bass. Chelsey's back with us, thank buddha. We have some new songs posted if you wanna check them out. See you guys around.

What's up? It's me, Kimmie. Uhh... I just wanted to let everyone know that we won't be having any shows for awhile. : ( Our bassist (Laura) left the band for undisclosed reasons, and our drummer (Chelsey) is going through some bad times. So if anyone out there plays bass and would like to maybe join the band, e-mail me or Tiffie. Later. Mahalo xoxo.

Well guys, it's me, Tiff! I just wanted to write and let you know a few updates (I know it's been like, 20 years).The latest is that we've been playing alot and spending a lot of "spare" time perfecting our skillz ;-) so we're sounding better than ever and you should definately come check us out next time we play. Next on the list (and the most exciting) is that we are gearing up for a possible north-florida tour (almost definite, but nothing has yet been written in stone). So that will totally rule and stuff. Ok, thats it for now! And, yes we know, our shows doo-jiggy is screwed up beyond anything I could ever repair, but Dani the web-girl will be on the fixing job like lightning! That's what she's here for anyway ;-) ---X--- Tiff

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