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This is the section where you will get all the real dirt on the girls. Most of it will be a series of one- on - one interviews with the girls about eachother. All of these interviews will we conducted by non other than muah- your web mistress Dani Pacucci. Videos of these interviews will be up soon, for now just read the transcripts.

Our first interview with the remarkably talented Kimmie Q. will be here shortly. but for now, enjoy these little questions we asked each of the girls (separately, they didn't hear eachothers answers) for fun.

Question # 1: Who exactly is the "leader" of the band?

Tiff --> "me."

Kim --> "I am, duh!"

Laura --> "Well, there is no leader, we are all equal in this band. Like, I'm the bass player, but it makes me no lesser of a person than the others......."(answer cut short, wayyy too long to post. the woman rambles.)

Chelsey --> "My fingernails are the leader. Wait. I have none."

Question 2: Whats your worst secret?

Tiff --> "I really hate all the other girls in this band."

Kim --> "That I think Laura is a lesbian...."

Laura --> "Well there was this one time, at fat camp....oh just kidding. I'll never be fat. Thank god."

Chelsey --> "I pick my butt when no one's looking!! Ahh....I can't beleive I told you that!"

Are you guys really close friends?

Tiff --> "Of course not."

Kim --> "Hmm well me, Tiffie, and Chelsey are totally tight"

Laura --> "I wish."

Chelsey --> "Kim and Tiffany are really cool."

Ok, tis all for now, more to be posted soon! *Two finga's like a playa ;-)*