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could at least try
to untie the knots you left in this stomache of mine?
wrench them free with your delicate ease
i'm so over being tangled up in your life
now this apothy can rest so sweet
since true care got walked upon
so i've chosen to ignore you angel
i just need a couple weeks.

cause, you're the one who's over me
i need this time, i need this peace
cause i hate the way you dont care anymore
you said your sorry, you said you'd try
i was petrified that you might be lyin
these words are what i made to impress you
but i'm hard as stone

some place and time along the line
you fell out of love with me
i've been retracing our steps
following the blood trail on the ground
chasing crimson to see where it started to seep
and find the incident of infliction
but walking backward alone, i've fallen behind
you've never once stopped to look back

cause, you're the one who's over me
i need this time, to live separately
i cant believe you dont care anymore
you're living your life so eloquently
im stumbling on and admitting defeat
faces and places here all reminant of you

[layered 1]
untangle this mess
you've made for me
i need to move on now
im tired of living
thinking of you
torturing myself

[layered 2]
dont say you're busy one more time
i've told you once i'll tell you twice
i hate the way that you just look right through me
dont say you're sorry one more time
i've told you once i won't tell you twice
i miss the way it was with us just friends