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you were the apple atop the tree
ripe, clean, and out of reach
i braved the climb
& oh how it was worth my while
for two years by I savored you all
bit by bit down to your core
but instead of seed, impassive insides
were all that you'd stored to multiply
so i've chosen to ignore you angel
i just need a couple of weeks

some place and time along the line
you fell out of love with me
i've been retracing our steps back toward the tree
following the blood trail on the ground
chasing crimson to seek where its origin is found
& look before the incident of infliction
rake the ground there for clues but you've left me none
so the motive behind this wound
will remain clandestine like the core that you cloaked
under a facade so ostensibly gorgeous

'cause you're the one who's over me
i need this time to live separately
i can't believe you don't care anymore
you're living your life so eloquently
i'm stumbling on, admitting defeat
faces and places here all too remnant of you

this silence has grown reliant
and overbears me now
the vacancy you've offered lately
envelopes me somehow

don't say you're busy one more time
i've told you once, i'll tell you twice
i hate the way you choose to look right through me
don't say you're sorry one more time
you won't be hearing me say this twice
you've made so i miss the way it felt
before i found you