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( 10/9/05

This site has not been updated in almost 2 years. I've decided to finally update. I haven't yet decided if I'll keep this site, or Delete, and put up a link to a new site. But, if you wanna talk stories, the forum IS updated. More to come...

( 10/14/03

I've got the two new stories up (I didn't say there were a lot of new stories, just that there were new ones). So there's the newest update, hope yer all happy... who the hell am I talking to... *depressed look on EFX's face grows deeper*... 'Dang'.

( 10/02/03

Well... friggin A'. This has been the longest hiatus for this site yet, but I'm still alive, and so is this site. We seem to have some more submissions, I don't know where the fug they came from (I stopped pushin' this site months ago, but people keep findin' it anyway).

So, I'm back and ready to pick up the slack. I'm going to sort through what's been uploaded since I've been gone, and offically put it up. I'm also going to e-mail those who submmited so they know the site's back and that they haven't been forgotten.

( 8/28/02

Alrighty, this site will soon move to an actual dot-com. YAY FOR ME. Eventhough 'Story_Dev' will not be the main focus of the site, it will be a large part with it's own seperate and linked partition. It will feature some new scripts for submitting and a whole new Interface, a little eye-candy for you. The new site should be this, if it's still available. Hope you enjoy the new site.

( 8/4/02

First update in a long time, so I missed two new stories, there up now, so go check it out.

( 4/25/02

Wow, an update so fast... creepy. Not much to tell though, we got a new forum, it's up and running, and new features are there as well.

We have forus RPGing in the forums, COOL. You can request a campaign, or start in one of the already provided ones. These boards also allow for a better board layout, and eventual upgrade.

( 4/23/02

Hah, look at me, I decided to update. Not much though; Voyage of the Shadows Update, maybe some new tutorials, and some more links. There isn't much here, but check it out anyway.

( 1/15/02

I changed the submit form, it now submits to a txt file on this server instead of my e-mail. I like that better.

( 1/11/02

YAY, we've moved to a site, seperate from my KEFX site. I'm still trying my hardest to find some search engines to pick up my site, but still no hits, DAMN.
Kaptan has submitted a story, and you can read it in the stories section under Kaptan/Awakening.

( 11/20/01

OK, I got Siphon's poem thang up (I think he said it was from FF7, I'm not sure). I need to ask Seafroggies if he still wants to put up his story, so I'll try to get that up too.

( 8/23/01

Yeah, an update. I've added more to Voyage of the Shadows, and I've been nagging Alhren to write more in Woodrun (which is a really cool story in my opinion).
da..dadaDA...A new story has been added to the "onsite" stories. Cyrus Martin has been nice enough to actually give me a story, a good one in fact. I've only read part of it and it sounds really dramatic and almost artsy.
It also seems that SeaFroggys wants to submit a really long story, I'll try to work somting out with him.
That's all for now, I hope to have a lot of stories.