Tendency of a Libra snowing outside the blue reflects my pale face
looking at my feet i kick snow in my eyes in discrace
sneaking through peoples backyards not caring if they see me
shivering from the cold closed my eyes only to see
your image locked in a picture frame in a diamond case
that picture will never b replaced
for i have loved and lost and it hurt more then i expected
your love i never gained but ive still been infected
i sit on a rock that is frozen with clear cold ice

cant feel anymore ive already died twice
y not again im numb as it is and arent afraid to die
took off my jacket shoes and hat and couldnt deny
that i may leave but my love will never go
broke the ice stepped in and was taken bye the undertoe
held my breath everything tuned black and i turned blue
i still hold the necklace u gave me that said "i love you"