Yes Yes well i have many freinds i must give shoutouts too

Fallon - been through a lot...tho were not as close as we used to b u gota know im always there 4 u (usually a few sts over at ryans) lo lbt hey! FISKIS! Your my girlfreind 4ever :) its going on 6 months or so....longest relationdhip IVE ever been in lol

Jon F- wow... ive known u for a year and loved almost every minute of it lol eccept when ur mad at me for talking on the fone or wanting provencher or bill lol :) i love you like more then anything in the world but i do think u know this already...i admire you so much for thinking on ur own ur so ur own person and think for urself and i love it! ur insane too and i love that haha never 4get that morning "omg how did u know my name?!" <3 October 3,2000 <3

Jakey B - Thanx for bein there 4 me whenever i needed u.....and yes yes yes Secret of the OOze is my favorite band dont worry hehe :)

Chase C- yeh yeh yeh whatever......u just drove the car lol i still luv ya...uve been 2 my house once in the daytime to get joels board haha but yet again i must remind u...i still luv ya.M i still 110 degreez hott??? one last ur def not that bad as to say "hey i just invited u here to do [stuff]"

Jason D- your my husband although you never leave the house unless its for maid service from my mom or salad. cant 4get Valentines Day of 7th grade tho hehe <3<3<3

Ami D- art class was mad fun by u...and u used to b the quiet one hahaha riiiiight...least there was someone at the table to agree on music with!!! the old tables...the new ones sucked! becides we were far from an outlet!

Brett N- "ill b an ass to the intrepid bc its the intrepid and its not even mine, and once i get the mercedes ill b nice to it bc its a mercedes but daaaamn am i an asshole to this car!" haha kid ur awesome and i like ur driving style...we gota go bak to livingston and do some 360's sometime tho ok?!

Pat T- Pat i love you and i always will bc we,, your counter strike man and well u dont shave your pubic hairs and u wear purple scarves and capes lol :)....oh yeh oochie wally baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and also dont 4get how everyone thought we were gona hook up haha :)

Kaffel - KAFFIGATOR 4 LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!! haha i love you!!!!!!!! seriously ur the shit! i love you with all my heart and always will cat 4get our little song bout me being a cake not meant ot bake n stuff lol and how u chased me for blocks around smyth rd skool in 7th grade bc u thought i was hott or how u saved my life this winter bc ur my kaffigator and kaffigators do that and give great kaffigator hugs....

Ashley L- Im always gona b on the same level with Scott? but what bout when u like another boy! will i b on the same level as him??? :) lets run from the mall ppl some more! :) and then i can get applauded for my wonderful performance by cute guys lol

Dan Jones - lol ur name is dan jones lol :) sorry i cudnt help u with ash and stuff but ur toung looks hott and we never did u know in the skool bathroom during the year

Chris - thanx 4 introducing me to Jon....hes the greatest person i ever met although i hurt him really bad and an never make up for it but i still wana thank u for letting me meet the most beautiful person i know.

K8lyn - BANDID!!!!!! Ape Lincoln and the whole thing with u guys missing the dog? lol great memories jsut great lol

Jakey D - i luv jakey! jakeys the man! i need to get u hooked up with one of my frineds bc ur really one of the cooler ppl i know def one of the top!

Matt - Damn kid ur one of the funniest and most original ppl i know and i def admire u for that... i luv ya man!! :)

Tom - i love u bc u think im funny...BANANA CRONICLES!!!! its the best movie ever...i think if i sed that movie to u however ur gona get off on and how cud i 4get u liek getting killed for me bc ur my body guard!!!

the banana sex :) ETNIES!!!!!!!!

Mikey - uve scared me for live and now im too petrafied to drink thank u haha u made me cry!! how bout u not break ur bak anymore ioght hunn?? haha i luv u tho thanx 4 bein there for me when i was down :(

Benny - BEN O BREIN DRAWS NUDIE PICTURES!!!!!!! haha man i miss those times we slept 2gether at the beach...damn guy 3 nights in a row too!!! :)

Dontato - My hair is cool...i dont no what ur talkin bout but ur mean!!!! haha jk

Randy - hehe uve been talking to me for like all year and i just found out who u r hehe but its all good u still luv me eh? RANDY CANDY!!!

Joe - JOEY!!!! guy Wedsdays r my favorite days too!!! ;) u introduced me to my husband and i thank you hehe u gota tutor me again or summin soon lol

Brennan - ur gona get me a job at that place when i turn 16!! and we still hav2 hang out bc we both suck at making plans :) its all good well DO IT eventually haha jk

Derek - wicked great times with the Banana Cronicles...You need to come bak and we can have a whole camera crew sometime! BANANA CRONICLES SEQUEL!

Clarkey - What in the world wud i do without u??? I dont no!!! really ur def one of my better freinds ur always there and loyal to me and so cute and i love you for that man!!!!!! MUAH FOR CLARKEY!!

Gary - fun times looking at pictures at my house and making ur mom mad and watching jenna jameson on my computer lol u liked it waaay too much then u "gangekt" my yearbook lol ur too cute