Sun's Morning Dew inside a world of confusion, insanity, and maddness
i live my life in a calm fasion nothing to live for no less
crazy ideas run aimlessly though my head amongst sunsets to sunfalls
discolored nature creatures and seeing things in my head my name gets calls
from the squiriel on the left to the monkey behind me
from the hills and the pleasus god let them be
so peaceful when time stopps still
never has and may b never will
song lyrics play loud and over each other
im alone in my peace without a mother
treetops drop to the level i want them too so i can see over them to see the world i know
treetops dont usually go that low
unless of corse ur on a mountain
then trees dont grow feet past 10
calling my name they all want me 2 share this peace
not hearing them and wrapped tightly in fleece
away from myself is how i like to be
just me my self and i at peace with he