Cold Flames
pulled my covers over my face tight
to block out all sounds pictures and light
so i coudt just lay there
just me under the covers all bare
not to move for i dont want to
but even if i did it wouldnt change u
numb to all others for emotions burned at the flame
it was all me that i had to blame
for you took your own life and now it is my turn
for causing you pain and now its my time to burn
shiney blade to the flame i bestowed
for cant take anymore as my heart is about to explode
hot jaged edges perice the pale skin as i lie there in bed
you were the only thing that was running through my head
and what i had done to u to make u die
and how now i was going with u to fly
i strived for the pain as the blood trickled down my arm
tears of joy spawned from my bodys harm
knowing i will see u again made the pain go away
the acheived last emotion lifeless i lay