Bodyfake reaching up to god tonite
ive been there too long to put up a fight
he took my mind and shook it hard
like anyone else who has ever known me and taken guard
not caring or wondering why
my existance 2 him is all a lie!
is to anyone else who thought they knew me
noone knows me only what they want me 2 b
gone fomr site is where i want to go
to the black and dark side of a rock show
music loud..too loud to think or care
u can push my body off the edge..its dare
bliss is when i get hit in the face
the pain leaves my body alone with discrase
soul black and weeping
while my body is crazed and leapnig
over buildings and large gaps
gods taken me for a drag on the pavement for a few laps
bruises and abrasions excite me to death
fog is him speaking to me with cold breath
gone to far to look bak now
anyways i wouldt know how