My Quick Bio!!!

NAME = Emily Ireland
HEIGHT = 5'4
HAIR = Blonde with blue streaks hehe
SPORTS = Cheerleading and i have to take tumbling for it all year round and im planning on doing spring track this spring
ACTIVITIES = Im officially adicted to my computer other then that i have no life and im at the mall circling and looking into stoers quite frequently
MUSIC = 1.New Found Glory...2. Rufio and 3. Linkin park...........other then that i like Sum 41, Sublime, NIN, Crystal Method, System of a Down, Pennywise, Less Than Jake, Good Charlotte, Reel Big fish, Dropkick Murphys, Adema, and 311.
MOVIES = Twister is my fave movie hehe, other then that i love Hackers, Men in Tights and Fast and Furious.
STATUS = single single :( but i got my eyes on a few ;) now wudnt u just liek to know who
BEST QUTOE = "u miss 100% of the shots u dont take"
WORST PIK-UP LINE = "i really invited u over here to do [stuff]"
FAVORITE CAR = my future pimped out Toyota Celica
COLOR = i love baby blue and a combonation.............. or themselves
YEAR = Sophmore
SCHOOL = Manchester's welfare i mean Memorial HS...soposedly the best public skool in the #1 city in Amercia?
DRESSES LIKE = Kinda preppy skater thing....i dont no and some punk too i guess
SHOES = I love my etnies! hehe