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Monday, February 24th, 10:38pm i've been so tired all day. i have so much homework to catch up on at school. everything sucks.

//sing sing sing - brian setzer orchestra//

Sunday, February 23rd, 10:05pm back from idaho! it was sooo awesome, especially the trumpets in the big band at the saturday night concert. so great. i'll make a page about it when i get all my pictures developed.

Tuesday, February 18th, 9:11pm tomorow=idaho. heather=excited. i should be packing or doing the giant pile of homework i have accumulated by missing the next 3 days of skool. meh. i hate packing and homework, therefore i procrastinate, even though i procrastinate about things i like to do to. i just think of better things to do. even though they are not better, just things that distract me, but everything does because i have quite the short attention span. sometimes it bothers me but then i forget that it bothers me because i start to think about something else. weeee idaho! i'm so excited. but my laundry is taking forever to be done and preventing me to pack. so far i have my alarm clock packed. that's all. i've got some work to do. i'm making a cd which has weird odd songs on it.

//jump jive and wail - brian setzer orchestra//

Monday, February 17th, 11:21pm am i ever tired. i got very little sleep on the weekend, like 5 hours, but it was fun. i just don't get it how those kids can't run out of energy. i've been doing homework all day since i got home from band practice this morning and then i went to cadets and forgot about it but it was still opened on the computer but i didn't save it and then i came home to the wonderful news that somebody crashed the computer and lost all of my stuff. i did the media assignment, but i don't feel liek doing the movie assignment, so i guess i'm going to have to bullshit it tomorrow morning.... i probably shouldn't say what i'm thinking right now. it's kind of bad. not bad in a bad way but bad in a ithinkimighthaveacrushonafourteenyearoldandthatswaytooyoungforme way. *sigh* i'm so out of energy, i don't know what to do.

//total hate - no doubt and gwen stefani//

Thursday, February 13th, 9:48pm only 5 more days! exhausted. something smells like cheese. i should practice my trumpet. we are going to suck. oh well. i'm not wanting to go there to play good. just for fun. i want to wander. yes, wander downtown moscow. nothing is there. but maybe if i wander far enough, i'll find something cool, like a bowling alley. counting down to italy. discotheque, baby. i wonder what italian music sounds like. i want a gelatto. hehe.. i don't care how much it costs me, but i'm going to buy something cool in italy no matter what. how much could 650 canadian buy me in euros? hopefully something amazing will happen in the next week or so and the canadian dollar will go way up and the euro will go way down. i'm going to have to brush up on my italian:)

//that thing you do - the wonders//

Friday, February 7th, 10:17 so very tired.. so glad it's the weekend. i love weekends. except then i have cadets again this weekend and those always make me tired and more sleep deprived and then i have to wake up every morning for school. no good. insomnia + anemia = sad heather. school is so tiring, especially because i go there to learn, not because i have to and others disturb that. i had no idea people my age could be so immature! i have tons of homework this weekend because i was supposed to do a collage for english (i don't go to school to do collages!!) but i didn't do it and we were supposed to have a rough draft explaining our collage, so i scribbled mine within about two minutes at the beginning of class and ending up with sentences along the lines of "they represent things i think are cool, things i like, or things i just really like." it's so me. so i printed out a picture of kurt cobain to go in the middle of my collage, but it looks sort of crappy because i didn't want it to take up an entire page, but i don't know how to make it smaller. yes, he must go in the middle. i've never seen a more beatiful person in all my life. speaking of beautiful, why do all the dumb little girlies think that people like that ugly jordan guy and vin diesel are hot. okay, my ass crack looks better than vin diesel. i can't wait till italy and idaho, the excitement is getting me. i've been having the sudden urges to dye my hair black, well i guess they aren't sudden because i've been wanting to do it for so many months now. i just need a change because my hair has been some form of red for probably atleast a year. and it is getting so long. so i need chopchopblack. but if i dye it black, or even any other color, i'm afraid a little certain someone will try and copy me. things can always annoy me like that. people who need that attention so they have to copy someone else for people to notice them. today i went underwear shopping with my mom. but i didn't get any. i wanted the ones that said 'i love disco' on them. too bad i have cadets this weekend, i wanted to relax a little and maybe burn some cds. i got a whole pack of blank ones that i got for xmas but i still haven't even opened them and i have a whole list of cds i want. man, do i ramble on and on and on...

//copper and stars - planes mistaken for stars//

Tuesday, February 3rd, 10:17pm i thought i would share this with you. I found this note down here and I found it quite amusing. It is the exact words and spelling.

im brittney and im a playa who abuses every living male who wont go out with her (why would anybody want to) shes gonna die very very soon and nobody even knows it he he he taylor should be the 1 2 kill her she has no friends anymore so soon shes gonna be hanging out with sheena (gross) thats what she deserves 4 what she did 2 poor taylor!!!!!!! boo hoo b.i.h (burn in hell) from her loving friend

obviously something my sister wrote about her friend. she obviously doesn't know how to spell or form a correct sentece. i hate it when people use numbers and single letters to write instead of using words. how can you be that lazy?!? school sucks, i'm extremely tired and stupid kids like megan wait for me to get up in the morning and then run in the washroom when the only reason i wake up so early in the first place is to have a shower and then locks the bathroom door to shave. and then tells me do go downstairs. no, i don't think so. i think i'm going to die if i don't get some vitamin c and iron pills... or some sleep.

//behind the lies, inside the truth - from autumn to ashes//


Sunday, January 26th, 8:53pm i just want to get out of this house. today i went to value village with kim and i got this super coat and some sunglasses. we got home and then my dad started yelling at kim because she pierced her lip like 2 days ago. he's such an asshole. why is it that we all have to be products of society for our parent(s) to accpet us? 2 years and i'm outta here... does anybody read this anyways?

//planes mistaken for stars - somewhere in september

Sunday, January 19th, 5:35pm well, what a week it's been. and now that it's sunday it's just gonna happen all over again. atleast it's the last week of the semester and then i can start new classes, and no more math! till next year, atleast. i went to the show on saturday nite and it was awesome. all the bands were really good. today i've done absolutely nothing, except for laudry, which still isn't done. i've pretty much sat on the computer all day. i painted my nails red. and now they look fake. so i will cut them. my family won't leave me alone and everybody else is an asshole. i just want to get out of here. both of my grandmas were over the other day and they said that they liked my wallet chain, which frightened me. tomorrow, another day in hell a.k.a skool. have you ever had a person who you felt was trying to be like you in every way possible?

//love lost but not forgotten - save me from the outside world//

Monday, January 6th, 10:39pm i just got off the phone with Holly! she's so cool. i miss everybody... well today was the first day back at school. it's going to be pretty hard waking up around 7 or 7:30 when i've been used to waking up in the late afternoon. this semester is almost over. i can't wait, but my next semester will be a lot of work because i have english, socials, french and biology. as long as i never have to take math again, i'm fine. i made some pictures today in photography, i did my shoes and my dump truck. hopefully i can convince my parents to build me my own dark room. well today was pretty un-exciting. i want something exciting to happen, dammit!

//across the universe - the beatles//

Thursday, January 2nd, 2003! 8:38 pm i'm finally back! i've been really bust lately and for some reason my parents put net nanny on our computer and i couldn't get it because it was a net nanny violation. oh no. i got some pretty cool things for christmas but nothing too exciting. new years was lots of fun. we went downtown to see all the bands play. they were checking bags and stuff so we had to drink all our alcohol down by that shifty little fountain and then went to subway and ate an onion sub so we wouldn't smell like alcohol. and then we made our way to the front of the crowd. old people are so rude!! they kept getting mad at us for standing near them and gave us really weird looks whenever we jumped around or anything. i don't know what their problems are. we had so many people yell at us for standing near them, which i didn't know was a crime. then there was some guy who smelled like weed and kept calling aurora a pokemon. it was pretty funny. i hope something like that happens next year but with good bands. i'm not a big fan of randy bachman, but the wassabi collective was so good. i'm hungry because i still haven't had something to eat yet but i don't want turkey soup. i got a bunch of blank cds for christmas so i'm going to go burn an at the drive-in cd!

//zoot suit riot - cherry poppin' daddies//


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