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Wednesday, November 27th, 9:58pm i'm sooo tired!! i just got home from babysitting but the kids were sleeping so basically i got paid for watching tv. haha i have some pretty funny stories. on friday kim got stuck in the bathroom. she started calling me and asked if i could open the door i was just like ummm what's wrong you don't know how to open a door and she was like no i can't open it, it's stuck! the door wasn't locked, it was just stuck. so i told her to take out the pins and just take the door off the hinges and get out that way. so she took them off but the door was still stuck so i was like ummm okay lets take the door handle off.. so that's what we did but the thing that was making the door stuck in the first place was still in there so we still couldn't get it undone. by this time it was getting even funnier because she had to leave to go to work in like 15 minutes. so i was like haha you're gonna have to call work and tell them you can't come in because you're stuck in the washroom. and before that my mom called and i told her kim was stuck in the washroom. she got a good laugh out of it. we all did. on saturday i don't think i did much. and then on sunday there was cadets band thing so that was pretty boring... but me and amber got a boquet of boys, which was pretty funny. on monday.... i did nothing.. on tuesday i went to see bowling for columbine with kim. BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! it was by far the best movie i've ever seen. everybody should watch it. then we went through the mall even though it was like 9:59 so kim could find some sort of jesus thing at the dollar store? and then we went to overwaitea so i could try and find a drink because i was thirsty but i ended up buying gum because i thought there were cheap pop machines outside because they don't sell tiny things of skim milk. so we went outside and then kim pushed me around in a shopping cart and we went to the other side of overwaitea and returned their shopping cart and how do they repay us? by the doors talking to us. the doors told us to not stand in the door way. we thought that was pretty fucking rude of them. so then we walked around for a while because the bus wasn't coming for about half an hour and there were a bunch of weird people standing there. it was a pretty fun night though. oh i forgot the rest of tuesday. i had a band festival in courtenay. it was pretty boring because all the bitches in the theater were rude to us and got mad at us for talking even when there was nobody playing. there was a river full of dead salmon so we went fishing. lol. and today.... well today was boring because i actually had to go to school. there was an anti drinking and driving assembly. it was pretty sad and there were lots of people crying. we got chocolate today! so everybody can buy some from me! i only got 50 boxes to start... so i just need about 617 more to go and i don't have to pay for idaho.... i hope i can do it.

//take the skinheads bowling - camper van beethoven//

Monday, November 18th, 10:17pm i have so much to say but i don't know how to say it. whatever i say will just make everyone who reads it think i'm a stuck up bitch who thinks she is better than everybody else. everybody is so mind blowingly stupid and immature and i really can't figure out what their problems are. i don't really want to go into detail about that. people are just stupid, that's all. all they care about is things that don't matter like who is considered "cool" or who has the most friends or who can spend the most amounts of money on the most pointless things. my family is a bunch of immature bastards(except my mom of course.)they are all so lazy and do absolutely nothing. nobody even understands the amount of stuff i do in this house, and that's without homework cadets or other extra curricular things. i clean the entire house and the next day it's just as messy, or maybe even worse than when i started. and nobody cares. that's the thing that really pisses me off. it's not oh Heather can i do anything to help you. it's oh look you missed a spot. or why should i pick anything up or do anything, it's not my mess. and then people like my dad have the nerve to ask me to clean up things because there is paper around the computer. do i look like i care? i spend barely any time on here, especially compared to kim and megan who are on here more than half of their day. i can't wait till i can move out and just get away from here...

//the slackers - have the time

Sunday, November 17th, 10:58pm this weekend has been pretty boring. i sure slept a lot. today i slept till 2. i dyed my hair. it doesn't look much different though. and i did some homework. pretty boring. i need something exciting to do. i can't wait till idaho and italy. and the summer. i got some new lights in my room. they are blue.

//no doubt and sublime - total hate

Thursday, November 14th, 10:57pm it's almost the weekend again!! i got my fillings. it feels so funny. it feels like there is something stuck between my teeth. but now i have no more spaces. photography is going to be so much fun! my dad is actually letting me use his camera! and i can take all sorts of cool pictures. i've been so busy lately. way too much homework. i still have to clean up my room and write a letter to natasha and fill out a bunch of forms and think of something to say at cadets. yes, for some strange reason, i was picked to talk about acadia for 5 minutes. it might not seem like a long time, but it is when you are talking and need to think of things to talk about... i don't know what to say!

//a message to you, rudy - the specials

Monday, November 11th, 9:39pm ....cadets all fucking weekend. i am so tired and stressed out and i'm going to start being really bitchy to all those dumb kids that don't listen. i love my room! it seems like 10 times bigger. i moved all of my stuff back in there but now it's just a big pile on the floor. i found so much money in there. and an end to my belly ring. pretty interesting. well i'm pretty tired.... still gotta do a bunch of homework. i'm so glad there's no skool tomorrow. i have to go to the dentist and get fillings. they are filling the spaces between my teeth. i hope they give me a prize for sitting in the dentists chair they they used to do when i was little....

//tomorrow - silverchair//

Thursday, November 7th, 3:43pm my room is painted!! it look so good. it's such a cool color. i can't wait till i get all of my stuff back in there. today has been a pretty good day so far. it was raining this morning. i don't like the rain, but i had a rainbow umbrella so that made everything all better. today was the last day of capp, and i'm super tired because i stayed up all night finishing that bullshit project we had to do. but it's all over now. tomorrow we start photography. math was actually easy today but we didn't get our midterm marks yet, ms funk was probably too busy putting on her makeup to mark them. and chemistry was boring so i put metal studs in the sleeve of my shirt. i'm tired and i don't want to go to cadets tonight. and i definitely don't want to go on the weekend. and i hate these fucking pop-up ads! they keep popping up everywhere! i need another sort of money making scheme. i figured it out and to pay my way to idaho entirely i have to sell about 667 boxes of chocolates. can i do it? hmmm.... i keep trying to scan my school pic and something really funny but there's something wrong with my piece of shit scanner...

Monday, November 4th, 11:05pm oh today was fun. there was skool and that was boring as usual and i had a really hard math test. cadets was hilarious. i was in the washroom and i acidentally dropped the back of my spacer down the drain so i went out and i saw chelsea and i was like chelsea! are you a good plumber?! i dropped the back of my spacer down the drain and i want it back because those things were fucking expensive! and i already tried to get it out by sticking a clothes hanger down there but all i got was a straw, a pencil, and a big gob of hair. pretty gross. so then we went in there and then we decided that it was probably in the bottom of the pipes and that if we got the pipes off then we could get it back. so then chelsea turned the water off and tried to undo the pipes but then candace pineau came in and saw and then i guess she went and told gena so then gena came in and got mad. good thing chelsea knew to turn off the water first because i already tried to undo the pipes but i didn't know that you're suposed to turn the water off first. good thing they were too tight for me or else i would have made a really big mess and got in a shitload of trouble. so then we left. and then we put it all back together and left. and we were trying to figure out how i could get it back. so then the xo got it out for me. it would have been funner if we would have done it. but it was pretty funny.
I cut my bangs yesterday because i was bored. here's a picture!

//paradise city - guns n roses//

Saturday, November 2nd, 6:39pm well the last couple days have been interesting indeed. On Halloweed I took Lauren trick or treating and she started to get tired so i was going to bring her home so we could go back out. when we were coming out of the alley to drop her off at my house some girls that have been harassing megan on her way home from school started throwing screecheroos at us... they know who i am somehow. and then they followed us to my house and started yelling at us and swearing at us and they stole a brick out of my neighbor's yard and told us they were going to "smash our faces in." and then one of them took out a knife and was threatening to stab us so then my dad called the cops but they left and started heading up the street to me and chelsea followed them and then they started yelling at us again and wanted to beat up sarah so we were trying to stall them until the police came so we said we would go and get them but then the police came and we told them where those girls were but by that time they had gotten rid of their knife and their pot so the police didn't find anything on them. which sort of sucks. dumb girls. it was pretty exciting though.


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