Idaho was really, really fun this year! we don't know why but it seemed even better than last year. The ferry ride was fun as always and we found all of our old stalking victims and some new ones. after the ferry ride we got on the million hour bus ride (okay it's only like 9 but it seems like a million) and we had to ride with woodlands so it was super unfun. me and hayley wanted to go with shawnigan just like last year because we could have had a lot of fun. woodlands were a bunch of bitches and they had a bunch of smokers and they complained about everything. we occupied ourselves with listening to our excellent music but then brewer came back and told us that we couldn't listen to music on our speakers. we suspect that mr greasy ponytail man complained about it. our music wasn't even offensive. i refrained from putting on any from autumn to ashes which i could understand if someone didn't like it but we were listening to mostly jazz and we were going to a fucking jazz festival we couldn't figure out what was up his ass. when we got there we went to the excellent grocery store that's open 24 hours a day and bought some shasta, a cake, some buns, a bag of carotts and 2 packages of peeps, which was our diet for the whole trip besides the pizza we ordered a lot. me and hayley hung out together probably all the time and sometimes other people would come and join us but i don't think any of them understood the stalking and taking pictures of random people part except for amber. we had our whole trip planned out like everything we would see everyday. we were pretty sad when they cancelled the big band trumpets. there was a coffee shop that had the best mochas and we went there like every day. this time we also found the really dirty part of town and civilization. we didn't know that people actually lived there because we had never seen houses before. we sort of figured they did because there was a high school and an elementary school but we never saw houses before. we had tons of fun. there's a lot of stuff that i'm not going to write about on the internet and then there's all the stuff that i forget by now.

Amber on the bus

Bev on the bus

Me and Hayley sitting on the giant red rocking chair. I love that thing so much!!

We didn't know what this thing was but it looked sort of like a cactus and it was made out of metal....

These were some random guys in the coffee shop playing chess

You can't really see this very well but it was the big band playing at the last concert. it was the greatest concert i have ever been to. the trumpets were so amazing.

this was the guy (i forget his name) but he was cool because he just walked right into the room when we were sitting there and we didn't know him so we liked him because it reminded us of us.

this is the guy with the hat from dover hahaha


me and amber. she looks like a giant standing beside me and i look extra short. it was snowing and we were happy because we haven't had any snow this winter at all.

me eating a cake

a piece of hayley and some boy we don't know


you can't see it very well but that was a picture of our name tags. they said satan and stalker.

good old shasta. and peeps. we put them on our window sill so that when people walked by all they would see was a bunch of peeps staring at them

all i have to say is stinker station??

here our stop signs say stop campbell. its nice to see they have the same sense of humor as us.