I moved this here from my old web page because Idaho was *awesome* it's long, but enjoy. i only kept the pics i liked.

for anybody who doesn't already know, comrade=mr.brewer, our band teacher, chaperoni=one of the chaperones,mike's mom, cheese=one of the chaperones, tessa's mom, just plain evil and looks like she has cheese growing on the top of her head, hence the name cheese and i think everything else is self explainitory...

*if you are offended by my story, i don't give a flying fuck, because it's my story*

well we all had to be at the band room at 6:30am, but of course i was the last one there. and then we left and went to the duke point ferry and shawnigan lake met us there and got on our bus and then we went on the ferry. it was so much fun on the ferry. ferrys are always fun. we played on the toys and the little kids kept looking at us and then some guy called me a crack baby and nikki tucker thinks i'm embarassing just because i kept saying hi to her and she thinks i'm a slut too. and then we went outside and it was windy and stuff. we just spent pretty much the whole time walking around the ferry in circles and then we stopped at the place that has all the maps so then i made a paper hat out of the map and aurora wore it around. we got the announcement to get back onto the bus so then we went and got back on the bus and then downstairs smelled soooo incredibly bad!

and then we drove for a while and we watched movies and stuff too and then we finally got to the border and they made us take everything out and then we had to go through customs and it was so funny because the guy asked me if i had any citrus fruit excpet he was mumbling so i couldn't understand what he was saying so i was like "huh?" and he kept asking me but i couldn't understand what he was saying and hayley was infront of me and she was like "just say no!" so i was like "ummm no?" and he was like "okay, are you sure?" it was pretty funny. and then we had to put all of our stuff back on the bus

and then we left and we drove for a long long long time and i listened to music and read my "porn" magazine. everybody else was watching the movie and me and aurora were sitting in the back and we would read funny things or say funny things and then we would start laughing hysterically while the whole bus was quiet and people would turn around and give us dirty looks. it was great. and there was a really nasty story in my magazine about a banana.... and stuff... and then everybody wanted to read it so the whole back of the bus was going awwwww gross that's so nasty!

and then we drove through seattle and everybody took pictures of that big pointy thing except for me and then we kept driving and then we finally stopped so we went to safeway and looked around there and i bought some jones soda and mints and then some other people bought some other stuff and we went and got back on the bus and we drove for so many more hours and finally stopped again to eat some food and stuff like that but i spent like 20 minutes laughing at the names of american food. like the chocolate bars and the soda called squirt.

our bus driver was so crazy though. there were little red buttons that said stop on them and people kept pressing them but it made dinging noises up and the front and our bus driver went crazy and she's like "if anybody presses those red buttons again you'll be wearing them!" and then we drove for a lot longer

and we finally got there after forever on the bus and we all got out of the bus and got our luggage and instruments and then comrade started talking to us and stuff and then we got our room keys and then i couldn't find my trumpet anywhere so that was sort of a problem but then comrade was just like "oh we can deal with that later"

so then we went up to our room and there was only me aurora and hayley so i got my own bed and they shared. and the rooms smelled funny. and it was so cold there! it was way colder than it is here. so the first night we thought the heat was on because the thing on the wall had three different things on it, there was one that said hot and cold and we turned the hot all the way up and then there was one that said fan and one on/off switch so we just had the heat thing turned up because we thought the other part was for a fan, as in cold, so we ended up being so freezing the first night because we're stupid.

and then in the morning we woke up and we went to breakfast at the pantry and i ate hashbrowns and they were so good. and there were some americans sitting beside us and then amy started talking to them and showing them canadian money. it was hilarious she was showing them her canadian money and they were so amazed they were like "wow, so this is canadian money"

and then after breakfast we went back to the hotel and took the bus up to the idaho university and just wandered around for a while and they wanted us to go to clinics and stuff so we sat on the comfy couches for a lot of hours and we went to the bookstore and then we went back and sat on the couches

and then we went to a singing clinic and we were making fun of the people in it. one of the ladies was fat and wearing a multi colored square poncho so then we started to call her squancho and there was some other girl playing the guitar and we were all like "wow she looks like a jenny!" and then some other people were sitting sort of behind us but not really and we heard them say that she looked like a jenny and i think she heard us saying that and then decided to change her name because her name was heidi but she really was a jenny. and that whole thing was really really boring

so then we decided to walk back to our hotel rooms so we walked back there and just hung out for a while and watched tv and stuff. hmmmm i forget the rest...

and then at night we went to a concert and it was pretty boring and the seats really hurt our backs and then we went back and slept.

and then in the morning we woke up and then we walked all the way down the street because there were a lot of restaurants but none of them were opened so we ended up walking a long way for no reason and when we were trying to cross the street some guy rolled down his window and then he's like "fucking kids! next time i'm going to fucking run you over!" it was pretty funny. so then we walked back and ended up eating at mcdonalds but i don't like mcdonalds so i ate a mcflurry for breakfast.

and then we went back to our hotel rooms and hung out and then cheese was like "we need to collect all of your room keys because yesterday some people were abusing their key privileges and now we have to take them away." we were all in somebody else's room at the time and our room was locked so i was like "can you open up my door so i can get into my room and get my bag and my jacket?" and then she started freaking out at me and she's like "well maybe if you get up off that bed then i can open it up!"

so then i went outside and comrade handed me my trumpet and it was all the bus drivers fault that it went missing in the first place. so i was outside and so was comrade and cheese and comrade asked cheese how she was doing and she's like "jordan is a mouthy little bastard!"

so after all of that we went to the university but we didn't feel like going to any clinics but then we went to one that was at a theatre on main street.

me and aurora we trying to find seats and then some guys started talking to us and asked us where we were from and stuff and we told them we were from nanaimo but they didn't know where that was so we told them it was in b.c. and they were like "we love canadians!" so we ended up sitting in front of them and talking to them until the band got set up and they were so nice.

and then we watched the band and it was pretty cool they even had a song called nanaimo. and then we got up to leave and one of the guys that was behind us said some cheesy pick-up line to me and then we left and wandered around main street for a bit and then we went back up to the university and we sat in the comfy couches.

and then we took the bus back up to the hotel. hmmmm i forget what we did then... oh yeah and then we all went into brewer's room with our music and instruments and stuff and it was so crowded in there.

and then we hung out for a bit and ate supper and stuff. we went to the all you can eat pizza place and we bought pizza and this is so funny. me and jordan decided to have a contest to see who could eat the most and he got mad because i had one small piece so then he went and got all small pieces. what a cheater. and then we went up there and got some cherry and blueberry pizza. we thought it was on pastry but it was actually just cherry and blueberry on top of pizza crust and it was so nasty that i couldn't eat any more. it was the most disgusting thing! it looked like a tongue. so then we left and went back to the hotel. and then i forget what we did.

then we went to the concert. there was some ugly fat guy from spokane and he got mad because we weren't sitting in our assigned seats. so he made 5 of us move so he could have a whole row of empty seats. we were so mad at him and planning to put stuff on his seat and throw things at him but he never came back after intermission.

then i think i went to the grocery store with amy and then i bought some shasta. and then i went back into my room. but this time it was just me and aurora because we didn't know where hayley went and then we watched some lesbian porn. and then we went to bed.

in the morning jordan came and woke us up. lol and then chaperoni was coming around to make sure everybody was awake and she got mad at jordan she's like "what are you doing in here when these girls are changing?"

so then we went to breakfast at the pantry. it was me aurora jordan hayley and bev. so we went down to the pantry and had an hour before we had to be on the bus and we were like yeah, we have plenty of time. so then we ordered and it took them like 45 minutes to get us our food. and we were just like oh well we'll eat really fast. and then it took them like another 15 minutes for them to get us our checks. and then we ran as fast as we could to the bus and they were so mad at us for being like 5 minutes late.

and then on the ride there cheese pulled bev away from us and started talking to her and said all this stuff like that she knew bev wanted to go to college and make something out of her life so that she shouldn't hang out with us because we were bad influences.

so then we got off the bus and cheese comes over to us and she's like "beverley is going to be hanging out with these girls today." so then we spent the whole day talking about how much we hated cheese.

but then we followed amy and hayley because they met some guys from montana and wanted to watch them play. so we went to some weird building after getting lost and asking someone where to go and they told us it was the building across the street.

so then we stood in there for a while because we weren't allowed to go in between songs. so we stood there for a while and then we went in and started talking to some guys from montana and they thought we were weird, but then again who have i met that doesn't think i'm weird? but then they left because they had to play.

and then we watched a couple bands play and the first one was really good but then the second one was that fat guy that made us move so he could have an empty row so we didn't clap for him but then amy got mad at us but he was the one who was rude in the first place. and then the guys from montana played and we left.

and now i forget what happened.... i'm not quite sure. but then some time we went and ate lunch but we had to walk up so many hills to get there. and it made us tired. and then we ate but we saw cheese so then we left and went back down to the student union building.

and then we waited and sat on the chairs because we weren't sure if we were taking the bus back or walking so we sat there and we saw cheese and she even looked right at us but didn't say anything to us like where we were supposed to go so we just sat there for some more.

so then we just decided to walk because cheese is a bitch and then we got there and found out that we were supposed to walk. and then we all got changed for our concert in black shirts and black pants and ties. but we were still so pissed off at cheese calling us bad influences so we put a lot of black eye makeup on and we were going to spike jordan's hair and i ran all the way to the gas station and back to buy a bottle of glue and then he decided not to let us do it.

so then we left and got on the bus. and we drove to the place where we were playing and then we got off the bus and you'll never believe this! cheese was like "Heather you look really good, you're going to do a good job" i was like what the fuck woman!!! earlier that day she told me i was a bad influence and then she's telling me all that stuff. that lady is off her rocker.

so then we went and stood inside the school and waited and we watched one group and then we left and got our instruments and went to the warm up room. and then we went out and performed and we did okay. and then we left and went in to some little room for adjudication but the guy didn't even say much it only took like 10 minutes. so then we went back to the SUB and got our pictures taken.

and after that we went back to our rooms and had free time until it was time to go to the concert. so me and aurora and jordan walked down the street because we decided that we wanted to eat at arby's but we didn't know it was a fast food restaurant or else we probably wouldn't have gone there but once we got there we were like well we walked all the way here, we might as well eat. so we ate there. and then we went to the store that claimed it was the most interesting store in idaho, or something like that. so we went in there and it was mostly just a bunch of hunting stuff. americans really are hicks. so then we went to the big rocking chair because from the first day i saw it i was like i am not leaving this town without a picture of me on that rocking chair! so we took a picture of us on the rocking chair. and then we went to baskin robbins and ate some ice cream. and i ate love potion #31 and it tasted like chocolate and raspberries. and i got a pink spoon! so then we left and we went over to the mall because i wanted to buy something but then i didn't find anything to buy because everything was so expensive. but then jordan bought some clothes. and then we looked through some more stores and then we went back to the hotel room.

and then we got ready to go to the concert. on the way to the concert hayley told me to sit beside craig from shawnigan so i went and sat beside him and i talked to him non stop the whole bus ride up to the concert and he thought i was on crack or something.

then after the concert we went back to our rooms but then they said that we should pack that night because we had to leave at 7 am the next morning so we stayed up all night. we started packing all of our stuff but of course my stuff was the messiest so i had almost everything to clean up.

and then we had the window opened and we were looking through it and we saw the punk guys and they started waving to us so we waved back and we kept waving to them for a while and then we started listening to music and stuff and then we looked back out the window and then i was like "hey aurora call those guys!" so then she called them and we were going to flash them but then all the rooms across the way were from another school and they brought so many chaperones and there were like 8 of them all standing in a row looking at us. so then we closed the curtains and we were like ahhh.

so then we hung up the phone because we kept hearing people walking by and we were paranoid that chaperoni and cheese and comrade were going to come and get really mad at us because they all have really bad tempers. so then we got this phone call and we thought it was the guys but it was some chaperone lady from those people that were staring at us and she was like "if you girls don't close those curtains and stop waving and people and go to bed and stop disturbing people i am going to call mr. brewer" and we were like what the fuck because how could us waving at people disturb them. if they were actually trying to sleep and not standing there looking out their windows it wouldn't be disturbing them.

but then the punk guys called us again and we were talking to them and we would just sort of pass the phone around in a circle and we ended up talking to them for like 5 hours. and when i get tired i start to hallucinate and i thought that hayley was standing at the end of my bed and the lights were turning themselves on and off and hayley was like "ummm i was the one who turned the light on" oh well that wasn't as bad as the concert that night when i was sitting there and asked aurora why there was a canoe on the stage. it was really just the piano. so anyways. we were going to meet the punk guys at mcdonalds at 5:30 so we went out there and then they told us that they already went down there and that it was closed. so then we went and sat in there room. and then we talked to them for a bit but then we left

and we went back to our room and we opened up the curtains and we were just laying on our beds and then we saw comrade walk by and we got scared because he looked way too happy and then he knocked on our door and he like "i'm so proud of you for being up and packed already." ew. yeah so then we took all of our stuff down and put it all in front of the bus. and then we just stood there for bit and talked

and it was really cold outside and we were hungry but then we didn't get to go for breakfast but then we all got on the bus and i was there and craig was sitting behind me and then i was talking to him and he had food and then i ate his hashbrows.

and then there was an empty seat beside me and hayley was sitting across from me and bev wanted to sit near hayley but she wasn't allowed to sit beside me. so then hayley sat beside me. and then we finally left after just sitting on the bus for a while. so i was sitting there but then bev switched me spots so she could sleep so then i sat beside craig. and then he thought it was weird because i wasn't talking but i was tired and then we watched a lot of movies.

and then we stopped for some food and then i bought some ice cream because mcdonalds ice cream wasn't working so i just went to safeway and bought a thing of ice cream but then it tasted bad because they didn't have any normal flavors. so then i threw it away. and the bus ride was pretty boring so i just listened to music.

but then i fell asleep and so did craig but everybody else thought it was funny because we fell asleep, but exact opposite to eachother. we were leaning opposite ways but the same and we were both wearing hats and headphones. but then they said they took a picture but there isn't a picture with both of us in it, only him. so anyways...

and we were all trying to listen to the hockey game but couldn't get it in but then we were in vancouver when canada won and it was so cool there were a bunch of guys without shirts on running down the streets and riding bikes down the streets with canadian flags and almost every single car had a canadian flag flying out of it and there were some guys standing in the middle of the road with a sign that said honk for canada and some more people standing in the road with more signs. it was pretty awesome.

so then we got back on the bus and then we went to the ferry and then we sat there and then we finally went on the ferry and then we got off and went up on the ferry to eat. so then we all sat there and ate some food and yeah... that's all i'm gonna say about that.

so then we went and sat down. and then i was sitting there listening to music and stuff but then hilary came and then i had a package of gum and i ate a piece and she asked me for a piece so i gave her one and then we started having a bubble blowing contest and then we were like hmmm more gum would be better so then we went to the gift shop but they didn't sell gum. crazy people! but then we got gum from people and we ended up with 7 1/2 pieces of gum. it tasted pretty funky with all the different flavors in it. but it looked nasty. but it was fun.

and then we had to get back on the bus and then shawnigan got off and then we drove back to the school and then they made us get our pictures taken in front of the bus. and then i was trying to find my bag and i couldn't find it and i was like oh no maybe the bus driver stole it like she did with my trumpet! but then it was just on the other side of the bus. so then i got my stuff and put it in the car and went home.

-The End