How Do You Like Them Apples??


Monday, September 30th, 10:34pm fuck i'm in a bad mood right now. i have shit loads of homework that i've been doing all night but i'm still not done so i give up. i hate everybody. im going to become a loner and never talk to anybody again. i hate mondays.

//music// that's youth - anti-flag

Sunday, September 29th, 4:18pm i just got home from having cadets all weekend long. it sucked as usual. i hate almost everybody there. they're all assholes. i'm so tired. i've gotten about 4 hours of sleep the whole weekend. now i have a shit load of homework to finish and it's all really hard.

//music// blister - jimmy eat world

Tuesday, September 24th, 8:30pm i've had so much homework lately and math is so hard i don't understand it at all:S i think i'm getting sick and i think i have a fever. i feel like shit. i'm going to paint my room soon:)

//music// the rocky road to dublin - the dropkick murphys

Thursday, September 19th, 10:16pm haha yesterday was picture day:P i think the lady took the picture when i was blinking... stupid lady. hmmm i can't really think of anything that happened... well it's a pro-d day tomorrow and i am going to victoria! it's going to be so much fun! i better put some film in my camera...

//music// weird beard - mad caddies

Tuesday, September 17th, 9:48pm haha i was walking home from skool today and then somebody in a car yelled out "i like your jacket, it's really cool." i just thought that was funny. i have SO much homework and no time to do it. i just made up a bullshit essay for capp. i can't believe it's only tuesday. i feels like the end of the week. oh well, on friday i'm going to victoria and aurora is coming with me. hehe....

//music// blister - jimmy eat world

Sunday, September 15th, 6:50pm hmmmm camping all weekend. fun? no. but i enjoyed the sailing part. hopefully i can convince my parents to buy me a sail boat. it's nice to shower. ..


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//music// rudie can't fail - the clash

Friday, September 13th, 4:57pm yay for camping! i hope it's going to be fun. ouch i just shoved a spacer in my ear that was too big for the hole and it really hurts...

//music// close to me - the get up kids

Thursday, September 12th, 10:11pm i had so much fun yesterday. me and aurora went to the mall because we needed to get passport photos taken for italy but wal mart was out of passport film so we went over to superstore so i could get my last roll of film developed but we cut through the bay and then we started trying on hats. then we went and dropped the pictures off but we had an hour before they were done so we bought a carton of icecream and a bag of chips and we terrorized some stupid girl in the washroom. then we got the pictures and they are SO cool! then we went back to the mall and i ended up buying some really cool spacers but they were sort of expensive so i am trying not to spend anymore money because i am saving it all for italy. and idaho. but they are a bit too big for my ears so i have to stretch my ears more. we had really fun though. you are jealous. today? i don't remember it too well. i guess nothing too exciting happened. ..

//music// underneath it all - no doubt

Tuesday, September 10th, 9:25pm i went to value village and got some purple doc marten boots! how cool is that?! and i got this retro looking jacket. red with 3 yellow stripes down the arms. and a shirt that says H.I.P it was a very productive day. i'm excited. stage band starts tomorrow! heheh my mom told me to go and spy on my little sister at school tomorrow. this is going to be so much fun. i'll kidnap Aurora and she can help me. we love doing things like this. hehe.... what makes it even better is that my mom actually told me to... heheh.... oh! and i get to go to victoria next friday probably...

//music// no one else - piebald

Monday, September 9th, 10:32pm i just want to sleep! today was a pretty shitty day. hopefully that's only because it's a monday. somebody ate one of the yogurts i put it the freezer. bastards. oh well i ate the rest of the ice cream! i think there's something wrong with me, it hurts to breath.

//music// electric pink - promise ring

Friday, September 6th, 10:07pm friday!! yay, the weekend. i've got cadets pretty much all weekend. school was boring like usual... i don't even remember what happened.

//music// going out to skate - the hippos

Thursday, September 5th, 9:42pm hmmm everyday with skool is sort of almost exactly the same... yay! tomorrow is friday already!! i have lots of math homework. atleast it's easy so far... mr mack is my capp teacher, enough said. today he made us walk all the way down the road by buttertubs marsh where that old people mobile home thingy is right before you get on the parkway and we had to look at a brick wall to encourage us from not drinking and driving. and then we had to write a journal about the impact it made on us. how exciting. i don't think anything very exciting happened today. we got a new boy in band and his name is jesse and he's drummer and me and hayley decided to stalk him. we are very excited...

//music// polyester khakis - mad caddies

Wednesday, September 4th, 9:41pm wowee skool again! today was the first real day, and i was only there for like 15 minutes yesterday because my mom told me the wrong time... oh well.. i have chemistry, band, math, and capp/photography this semester. band and capp are going to be so easy and my chem and math classes are mostly grade 12s because they all failed 11 math. i've got friends in all of my classes so that's good. i have text books already but nowhere to put them because i didn't get a locker yet! hehe i have the best plan to make money. my dad told it to me. but it's top secret! nobody can know! they might try to steal it. i doubt it because it is a bit weird but still...

//music// something bad is gonna happen - fenix tx

Monday, September 2nd, 10:01pm Yay! i'm home again! home is good. oh no skool starts tomorrow! i want to go, but only to find out if the people i don't like got fat. because i think it would be funny! oh well i have easy classes this semester. chemistry, band, capp, photography(which is going to be SOOOO fun!!!) and math. i can't wait to take photography. and me and aurora are in the same class. hehe.... we had so much fun camping. there were some dumb little girls there who were about 11 but they were trying to convince some guys who were about 17 that they were 14 but we were trying to watch tv and it was getting really annoying because the guys really didn't fucking care! so aurora turned the lights off when one of them was on the crapper. and then she threw a rock at our tent. i don't know how they knew where we slept. it was funny though. we had fun. we sure walked a lot. like 3km or more. we walked down some roads and up the river. and we now have lots of top secret money getting schemes to get money for italy! we're going to be rich! muahahhaa. and we found some gnomes! we never even thought of gnoming because we were WAY too busy scheming all the time but then just before we left we saw like 3 gnomes all in the same place and we were like hmm why didn't we think of this before?!?! oh well, we'll get our gnomes. hehe my little sister is going to NDSS this year so i get to spy on her and all the bad things she does and all the tight clothes she wears. once school starts i'm gonna hate it. as long me aurora and amber get lockers together!!!

//music// road rash - mad caddies

Friday, August 30th, 2:04pm I am going camping today.

Thursday, August 29th, 11:35pm I had to babysit Lauren all day so i took her to the barnyard and then we walked thru the park a bit and then we walked downtown and went to the library and she got some books about snakes because she captured one and put it in an aquarium outside but then when we got home it was missing. aw how sad. so then we walked home from the library and then i walked back downtown with my other sisters because one of them wanted to buy something from somewhere but i she bought me love hearts! they are my favorite candy! tomorrow i go camping for a couple days with my mom dad and lauren, but i get to bring aurora!! i hope it will be fun. yikes, i have to do some laundry!! oh i almost forgot! when i was walking downtown with kim and megan some guy stopped us when we were crossing the street and he looked rather european. we just thought he was a tourist or something because i always get stopped and asked for directions by tourists. he said something but at first we didn't understand and we thought he was speaking a different language. he said, "excuse me, do any of you need and weed?" we were like ummmm no thanks... it was the funniest thing! i was laughing about it all night long! the joys of downtown at night...

//music// this ship will burn - small brown bike

Wednesday, August 28th, 9:09pm I went out today with my mom and 2 of my sisters. The oldest one makes fun of me because i want chucks and dickies. and she makes fun of me when i listen to emo. the little one won't shut up! she had to go to the washroom but the one in walmart had a sign on the door that said 'closed for cleaning' so i told her that we had to go into the mall so she could use the washroom but then she just decided she didn't have to go because she's scared of the toilets! i found some chucks but they were men's and i don't fit men's size shoes so hopefully i'll find some when i go to victoria! i got pink sweatbands with pineapples on them!

how cool is that? ... tomorrow i get to babysit lauren all day. but my mom said she would pay me this time. i'll do anything for money, i'm broke. ... well almost anything... i hope it's not so hot out tomorrow...

//music// Sell all my old clothes i'm off to heaven - saves the day

Sunday, August 25th, 12:06am After I cleaned up my entire house because the rest of my family is too lazy to do anything me and Aurora walked downtown and she bought the hoodie that she was going to get yesterday. Then we walked to harbour park and bought a tub of heavenly hash. yummy. Then we walked along the sea wall to the park and we sat on the grass infront of the playground by the ocean and ate our heavenly hash. people kept looking at us weird and some lady came up to us and said "that's the idea!" then we got tired of it. and it melted. we saw sexy and short kid coming off the newcastle ferry. haha. Playgrounds are fun. We went on the swings. old people kept looking at us. But i like the swings. but then the swings were in the sun and we were starting to feel sick so we went and sat in the shade and i sat in a tire swing. and we sat there for a while and then went back to my house where i cleaned up some more and did everybody else's laundry for them. yuck. i don't like touching other people's laundry. and then we went to Aurora's 'house' and we ate our leftover pizza from yesterday and we watched another movie. and there was a bottle of smirnoff ice in the fridge but we didn't know where it came from because we looked for alcohol yesterday but all we found was some coconut flavored rum but it tasted like shit so we didn't drink it. so we drank the smirnoff because we couldn't let it just sit there.... i tried to eat the apple pie but it was frozed so we put it in the fridge and ate popcorn. we always end up eating so much food when we're together. but i think we decided to climb the mountain. playgrounds are fun too. i have such a bad headache... tomorrow i am going to clean my room so i can paint it!! oh and i got both my earrings in! they look so cool! i want bigger ones though..

//music// stairway to heaven - led zeppelin!

Saturday, August 24th, 11:16pm Me and Aurora went to value village. I saw a checkered guitar strap but they wanted $7.99 for it. i got some retro looking pants and a black and white striped shirt. Then we walked downtown but by that time nothing was opened so we took the bus to Aurora's temporary house. She gets to house sit for some people while they are in england and she's allowed to stay there. So we ordered pizza. and watched their movies. and then we wanted to go gnoming but we ended up finding nothing. I think people bring their happy lawn gnomes in at night so people like me don't steal them. the pizza burned my mouth. and now we're here. some guys whistled at us. it was funny. it was dark out. they were in a van. we were gnoming. our attempt failed. we realized we have to prepare for it instead and scout the area for gnomes. i put the rest of my red dye in my hair. i don't know what it looks like yet. we just decided they should make video games of us. who wouldn't want to play a video game of me?

//music// ska reggae - the skatalites

Friday, August 23rd, 9:23pm I cleaned my room today. But it's still messy. It's amazing how many things i found that i didn't even know i had! My little sister is having a sleepover. It's so cute (she's only 5!) and she asked me to make them popcorn so I did but then i spilled a bowl of hot butter on myself and now it's all over my pants. I hope it comes out or i'll have butter stains. ow I just bit my tongue ring. My parents went crazy today and cleaned up the basement. I sat here and laughed. We had all of the furniture outside in the carport. My dad keeps saying we are going to move somewhere else but I really don't believe him. He keeps saying that he doesn't like the "yahoos" that live across the street. I hope we really do move.

//music// Captain Anarchy - Anti-Flag

Thursday, August 22nd, 9:43pm Got most of my film developed! and i love the pictures! they are so cool, i can't wait for the last one! haha today i went to the mall! yes I went to the mall to try to find shoes and a back pack but did i get any? no. and i got some school supplies. yay for school! i kept making fun of all the people i saw in the mall and then my mom kept making fun of what i was wearing! I think i look quite snazzy. checkered socks. black men's dress pants but off at the knees. checkered suspenders. black and white shirt. toothbrush bracelets. guitar pick necklace. I thought i looked good. malls scare me though. i'm still on a look out for converse high tops. we bought bagels at superstore so now i get to eat bagels for breakfast=) haha my sister got her wisdom teeth taken out this morning and she can't talk properly and she's druling out blood. yum. and they let her keep her teeth and she showed them to me. they are replacing all of the telephone poles on our street. it was pretty interesting to watch.

//music// 9mm and a three piece suit - Catch 22

Wednesday, August 21st, 8:57pm Today was boring. I made banana muffins. My hair is orange. Currently in the process of stretching my ears. It hurts.

//music// Stick the fucking flag up your ass - Propagandhi

Tuesday, August 20th, 8:25pm I had so much fun today! I actually got out of the house. I was going to go downtown with Kim but then Andy came over so we decided to take him with us but he wanted to return some shoes at Woodgrove mall but then he ended up leaving them on the bus so then we went downtown like we were going to go in the first place and i got the belt that i've wanted forever from electric lettuce because everything was 35% off so i'm happy! and then we walked up to value village and i found a really cool shirt! but it didn't fit me it was way too big. but to make everything better i got some checkered suspenders!! they are super cool. that made my day. oh and i got a crossbuster patch at electric lettuce too! what a great day. i made myself a sandwich for lunch but we didn't have any pickles so i put relish in it instead. I make really good sandwiches. I might be getting a job! My sister said that her friend told her that a bunch of people recently quit their jobs at nicol street mcdonalds and they are looking for people and i was going to apply there anyways but that just gives me a better chance of getting hired but now i have to make a resume and i really suck at that oh well i just want a job. now that my hair is normal colored what the hell...

Monday, August 19th, 8:35pm I'm finally back from camp! I had the greatest time ever. I think it's probably the best summer i've ever had. I didn't want to leave I miss everybody so much, especially miss my bagels and coffee every morning! I'm really tired because of the time difference. It's so weird being home... it's like i don't belong here anymore. I miss everybody so much, i love you guys, you know who you are. My hair still smells like all that shampoo Holly! but it was the best shower i ever had. I can't believe i forgot to write about waking up sideways with shoes on. oh well. i think i'm going to go to bed now because i'm so tired i'm getting too lazy to blink but i'm going to get my film developed as soon as possible and get it all up!


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