Sally Marshall is a native southerner. Currently she lives on the TN/GA border. In her mid 30's she works in a used bookstore, which helps cover the bills for her "real" job, which is writing X-Files fan fiction and riding in horse competitions. She has written three stories to date "StaticElectricity," "Storyteller," and "Next Of Kin." These stories can be viewed at Gossamer. StaticElectricity won an award for HOF "Hall of Fiction" Author of the week and was nominated for a year-end award. Both Storyteller and Next Of Kin were featured on different web sites as standout stories.

In addition to her husband, Ed, she has a dog, Bridget and a horse, Tori aka Notorious.

Besides X-Files and horses, she also loves Harry Potter and enjoys a good submarine yarn, go figure.