Short Bio ~ Petey

Name: Lori

Screen Name: Petey

Where did it come from?: It's what we called my friend's cat, I thought it sounded cool, so I started telling people to call me Petey

Age: 16

Country: CANADA BABY! It's great, celebrity's come up here, say how nice and beautiful it is and then never come back. Except David Duchovny.

Write fanfic because?: I feel like it.

Bio: Okay, I'm tall, I've always been tall, I didn't take a growth spirt and was suddenly taller, I was always this way. I hate it. Anyhoo, I started playing the fiddle a couple years ago. I've played softball for years now, 9. . 10? I think, about the same time the X-Files started I started playing softball. WOAH! That's crazy. I love my team, you guys are great, we're gonna kick some ass this year, right? I am obsessed with the X-files, but also, with Whose Line is it anyway. COLIN IS JUST SO ADORABLE! I go to Millwood High. Its a great school, I started getting involved in Drama, I LOVE it. Hey Flinn, s'up? I started my first job, I am a salad bar girl and hostess at Ponderosa (a restaurant). It's great fun. I really hope this season ten thing works out. Maybe season 11? Now that's dreaming.


Favourite Episodes

Field Trip
Bad Blood
Darkness Falls
Small Potatoes
The Post Modern Prometheus
How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
Kill Switch
Leonard Betts
Je Souhaite
Lord of the Flies

Favourite Movies

Romy and Micheleís High School Reunion
Playing by Heart
Double Jeopardy
Miss Congeniality
Corky Romano
A Night at the Roxbury
Forest Gump
Men in Black
La Vie Est Belle
Girl Interrupted
Turner and Hooch
The Emperorís New Groove
Conspiracy Theory

::sorry, Iíll stop now

Favourite Shows

Whose line is it anyway?

Favourite Actors

Sandra Bullock
Molly Shannon
Bonnie Hunt
Gillian Anderson
Annabeth Gish
Julianne Moore
Lisa Kudrow
Janeane Garafolo
Tommy Lee Jones
Geena Davis

Favourite Books

The Shipping News
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Beautiful Joe

Favourite Music

French Pop
Mo Town
Doo wop
Classical and Classical Remix