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Title: La Corriveau Episode: 10x01 Type: Mytharc/MSR/Angst Rating: PG-13 Author: Lori "Petey" Whyte Size: 104KB Summary: A girl, who the agents know only as Sophie Corriveau is found to have a metallic chip in her neck. While Doggett and Reyes search for the parents of ten-year-old Sophie, Scully becomes emotionally attached, and empathizes with the young girl. Disclaimer: The X-Files, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Monica Reyes, John Doggett are the creation of Chris Carter and co. Property of 20thCenturyFox and Ten Thirteen Productions. Season Ten Episodes may not leave this site without permission of the owners of Season Ten ( contact: morningbeatle@hotmail.com ). No episodes will be distributed at all until the end of the regular season, and only to archivists who swear not to distribute their copy to any other. Feedback is welcome: hey_bug@hotmail.com On with the show. . .. . . La Corriveau ((The following contains mature subject matter and course language. Reader discretion is advised)) “Okay, hand me the implant.” A doctor, maybe 40 or 50 years old said to his younger counter part. A total of three doctors stood over the unconscious body of a nine-year-old girl. “Are you sure we should go through with this?” “Yes, I do. We’re almost finished anyway.” “But she’s so young.” “She’s also dying” The doctor motioned for the third doctor to get the implant he spoke of. “She's only dying because we made her sick. Why didn't we just give her the chip when we created her?” “Because we were hoping that just her biological make up would cure her of the diesease. I guess we're still unsuccessful in curing all human diesease without this stupid metal chip." The older doctor continued to work, while the younger one protested. “You know what happens when we do this. They end up dying anyway. Something always goes wrong. It’s because they’re too young. We need to revise the implant to be compatible with the smaller host.” “That may not be the case.” “Do you want me to list the ages of the people who’ve died on that table?” “No, but I know you’re going to do it anyway, regardless of what I say” “All of them were under 10 years old.” “Well, that makes sense. None of the clones are over 10 years old.” “But there are clones over that age, who have survived this. And there are humans who have survived it. But you know what? They were all over 10!” “Coincidence” “Once, accident, second time, coincidence, more than three, conspiracy. And while on the topic of conspiracies; why do we always have to make these look like abductions?” “Because they are.” The doctor used an instrument to implant the chip to its proper place in the open wound on the back of the girl’s neck. A nearby monitor began to beep. “Oh shit” “What happened? What did you do?” “I must have slipped. Oh, it’s worse than usual. Dammit! The bone was too soft. Quick, hand me something to get it out before it sets.” The second doctor was already ready, handing his elder a pair of large tweezers. The doctor dug into the cut. “No! I just pushed it in farther.” The doctor threw away the tweezers. “Shit! It’s already molded into the spine. Damn this new technology.” “You were praising it a minute ago” “That was before this happened” the doctor sighed, “Stitch her up and get rid of her.” “No. No, no, no. We’re taking her back to her family, she’s still alive” “Yeah, she’s alive and has vocal cords. We only return these “abductees” now, when we don’t return them with something detectable in the back of their neck! As soon as she wakes up in her own home, the first thing she’s going to say is “Mum, my neck hurts”! She’s just an experiment gone wrong.” “Yes, but sir, she’s a child with a family, she doesn’t know that she’s a clone. All she knows is that she was adopted, if even that, and that she has a mum and dad like any other child. Every one in the world knows that, or would think that if they saw her. Except for us of course.” “The truth hurts. She doesn’t have to find out that she’s a clone. You heard what I said. Now, take her out and get rid of her. If you expose this, it’s simple -You die.” The younger doctor pulled the car off to the side of the street and parked. “What do you think you’re doing?” the third doctor who was present during the operation, said. “Stopping the car. We’re leaving the girl here.” “Why? You can’t do that. That’s not what we were told to do. This is a populated area, someone will find her here.” “I know. A populated area, near a hospital.” The doctor got out of the car and went around to the backseat to the girl who still lay unconscious. He took her out of the car and rested her in the nearby grass, not too far from the road so that a passer-by would see her. The man quickly went back to the car. “Look, clean rescue. No one saw us, no cars drove by, no people walked by. Hopefully someone will find her soon, though. Now let’s get out of here. “ The doctor drove off quickly, but not quickly enough for the tires to squeal and wake up the townspeople. The girl was still lay unconscious, easily visible from the roadside. May 31, 2002 Dana Scully/Fox Mulder Residence Bethel Park, PA 7:47pm. “Hey, there’s my little sister” Bill Scully came into the still unsettled apartment; behind him was Tara and Mrs. Scully. Bill hugged his sister as best he could since while still keeping all the luggage he carried balanced. Bill came right into the apartment and dropped his luggage by the couch, he took Tara’s bag and put it beside his. “Hi Bill, Tara. Hi Mum” Scully hugged her mother. Bill stretched his arms and walked a circle around the kitchen table, smiling and sniffing the air. The table was set and there was all sorts of food cooking on the stove, and rice in a steamer. “Smells great in here Dana. It’s a beautiful apartment, how’d you ever find something like this so soon? God, I haven’t seen you in so long. I’m sorry I never came to see your baby. My nephew.” Bill watched his sister’s happy face turn to a glare of hatred for bringing it up, and then to a wistful look, as she held back tears. She knew he didn’t say that to make her cry. He felt for her in some ways. But there were still some things that he didn’t understand, and never would, mostly out of his hatred for Fox Mulder. “That’s quite all right, Bill.” Scully looked at Tara, she didn’t come in with any kids, neither did Bill, unless he was in the suitcases, with she hoped he wasn’t. “Where’s Matthew?” “Incoming!” A man yelled, coming into the apartment. He carried two young children, and two older ones came screaming after him. “Charlie!” Scully lit up “I haven’t seen you in years, get over here!” Scully held out her arms to hug her brother, not able to get at him she just took one of the children from his arms. “Who’s this?” “Lisa, your niece. And today’s Birthday Girl!” he said in the last part to Lisa, in a small baby-ish voice. “Oh, Silly me. ” Scully tried to stay happy, but the sight of the baby in her arms, very much the same age as William, who’s first birthday would have been last week, May 20. Charlie smiled and tended to his older boys, leaving his sister to hold the baby. . Mrs. Scully looked at her daughter, who, although she was holding a child, was miles away. She blinked a few times, licked her lips, and chewed on her lower one a bit, then looked down at the child she held. She smiled, and the baby took her finger in hand and squeezed. Mrs. Scully took this opportunity to approach her daughter. “Where’s Fox?” Mrs. Scully asked, now that all the greetings were through. “He’s out getting the cake” “Dana, you look nervous.” “Well, it’s just all these kids, and the excitement of seeing Charlie and-“ Scully’s mum looked straight at her daughter. Oh hell, Scully thought, just tell her why you’re really nervous. “And, I know how much Bill hates Mulder, I don’t want them to fight. Especially since I have to tell Bill who William’s father is. He’s already after me for not being married. I don’t even have William anymore. And he doesn’t understand why I gave him up. It wasn’t because we weren’t married, or weren’t ready. It was too dangerous for him here” She wasn’t going to cry. Not here, with all these people. The people who she was hosting on the evening of her niece’s first birthday. “Bill doesn’t run your life, he doesn’t know, or understand everything that’s happened to you. But I do. Bill still loves you.” Mrs. Scully motioned to her son holding William up and spinning him around. He was smiling, and so was William. Watching this made Scully smile too. “Hey, hey! I’m back. I hope this little birthday girl li-- “ Mulder stopped, seeing all the happy people and running children. “I see you started without me.” “Hey Mulder, get in here” Scully went over and gave Mulder a little kiss. She immediately felt better, his free arm coming to wrap around her waist. “Let me take that cake” “Well, I hope that’s big enough. I was only gone a half hour, where’d all these people come from?” “I know!” Scully said, excited all over again that Charles was there. Wow, she thought. My moods are just going up and down today. It can’t be healthy. “Charlie’s here. My younger brother, you’ve never met my younger brother.” Scully called out to her brother “Charlie, get over here!” Charlie, who had managed to settle his two boys on the couch came over. “Charlie, this is Fox Mulder.” “Oh, hey. Nice to meet you Fox. Oh” Charlie smiled and pointed at Mulder. “Mulder, just Mulder” his finger turned into an extended hand for Mulder to shake. “And Mulder, you’ve met everyone else.” Scully avoided eye contact with Bill “Okay, let’s set the table, dinner will be served.” Scully and her mother went about setting the table and doing the final prep for dinner. Charlie and Bill successfully sat down all the kids. Lisa just sat on Mrs. Scully’s lap, who insisted it was all right. The meal was loud, everyone was talking and laughing, Charlie was the one with the most to talk about. “And so the monkey said ‘You should see the elephant’” The room roared with laughter, amidst the loud activity Scully was able to hear the phone ringing, she excused herself to answer it. “Hello” “Hey, Dana. How’s the party?” spoke John Doggett’s voice. “It’s good John, as you can hear. I’m just really glad you’re not here.” Doggett laughed. “So are you going to stop by?” “No, no. It’s just a family affair. Monica and I just wanted to give our best wishes. And see how you were doing.” His last words were sincere, knowing it was a week after William’s first birthday, and knowing how Scully must feel. “Okay, I will do that, buh-bye” Scully sat back down at the table. “Who was that?” Mrs. Scully asked, trying to feed a banana to Lisa. “Just Agent Doggett” Bill stared, giving his sister “the look”. Mulder looked anxious, and jealous. “But it wasn’t work related” Scully assured Mulder and the group. “Oh, ho, ho. A personal call at home from a former co-worker.” Charlie winked. “Hey, I’ve got a G-man who’s far better than any other agent out there.” Scully wrapped her arms around Mulder and squeezed gently, looking up at him, Mulder smiled back. Scully really liked this. She was so glad he was here. That he was back to stay. That they could be together, they were safe, everything was calm and secure. Well, Mulder was on the run from the military, but that wasn’t anything new. Bill looked away. He didn’t want to see this. But he loved his sister, if she was happy, I guess I better be happy too, he thought to himself. It suddenly went dark. “Happy Birthday to you” Charlie sang out, he turned around from the kitchen counter, holding a dimly lit cake. Well, it only had one candle. “Happy Birthday to you” Carol and Tara joined in. “Happy Birthday to Lisa” The rest followed suite “Happy Birthday to you!” Charlie set the cake down on the nearby highchair. Mrs. Scully stood up and brought Lisa over and set her securely into the seat, in front of the large pink frosted cake, and a single yellow candle. “Okay Lisa, blow out the candle.” Lisa of course, didn’t understand. Instead she reached out his hand to touch the orange flame. “No, no, Lisa” Mrs. Scully grabbed her hand. “I want to do it!” Matthew yelled out. “All right monster” Bill stood up and picked up his four-year-old son, carrying him over to the cake and lowering him level with the cake. The child blew out the candle, Charlie was already back by the light switch. Matthew clapped and Lisa followed and started clapping too. “All right, let’s slice this sucker.” Mulder took a knife off the kitchen counter. “Dana, will you do the honours? You have the most expierience with this type of thing.” Mulder mocked. “Ha, ha, Mulder” Scully grabbed the knife from Mulder and lifted the cake from the highchair to the table “Could you get the plates and ice cream, Mulder?” “Will do.” “Excuse me, I need help here.” A middle aged woman rushed into the emergency room. The young girl was in her arms. Another woman followed close behind. “Oh, god” A nurse said running to get a stretcher. “What happened?” “I don’t know. My friend and I were walking, we saw her lying there. There is a cut on the back of her neck though.” “Okay, thank you ma’am. We need you to stay close for a little bit. Mel,” the nurse called to the other nurse at the reception area “Call the police.” The nurse now joined by a doctor moved through a set of double doors, leaving the emergency room silent again. “Hi, sorry.” Agents Doggett and Reyes strided into the hospital, their badges out, and hung over the reception desk. “Special Agent John Doggett, FBI. This is agent Reyes. We were informed that a young girl was admitted to this hospital yesterday.” “Yes. I assume you’re speaking of the Jane Doe.” “You haven’t been able to identify her yet?” Agent Reyes said. “No, she’s been unconscious since she got here.” “Is she all right?” “Yes, now. Her vitals were very weak, probably from exposure. We brought her temperature back up and she’s stable now. We’re hoping she comes around soon, but we have no idea how long she was out in that field.” “Well, we were hoping someone would call in a missing child report that matched her description. That hasn’t happened yet. Do you mind if we see her?” “No, go ahead. She’s just a potato though” The nurse joked “I’ll show you to her bed.” “And perhaps you can tell us how to contact the person who signed her in to the hospital.” “Sure. Do you want me to call her and ask her to come down here?” “No, that’s all right. Just an address would be fine.” “Well, here she is.” The girl was, indeed, unconscious. Eyes were closed, body completely still, covered in those hospital sheets. Her breathing was so light that you couldn’t even tell if she was breathing at all. The girl had short red hair, a round face with very few, barely noticeable freckles. “She looks like Agent Scully” Doggett joked. Reyes smiled, amused. Her expression went back to normal. “They said there was a wound on the back of her neck.” “What are you thinking Agent Reyes?” “You read all the X-Files, John. You’re the man who knows it all.” “You think she has a chip in her body?” “It’s worth checking out, don’t you think?” “I think we should see the person who found her and find out where they found her. Start this thing at the beginning.” Agent Doggett and Reyes left the room and walked back to the reception area. “Do you have that address?” “Yes, sir. Here you go.” The nurse handed Doggett a scribbled note. “Thanks.” He read the paper, Agent Reyes peeking over his shoulder. “74 Jubilee Lane. Hm, sounds like a nice place,” Doggett mused. “I was walking along here, with my friend JoAnne. We go for walks every morning, you know.” The middle aged woman lead the agents along the side of a road. “It was right here. Just a few steps into the grass.” Agent Doggett walked into the field a ways and knelt down, picking at the grass. “We saw her lying there. Thought she was dead, thank heavens she wasn’t.” “Did you see anything, or anyone, out here last night?” “Naw, I mean, I live quite a ways from here. And I suppose that girl was out here all night, because she was some cold when we found her.” “You say she was here all night? Are you sure it was only one night?” “Yes. This may be a desolate place, but it doesn’t take much to spot a poor soul lying in the grass. Besides, I said my friend and I go walking every morning, well that girl wasn’t there yesterday, so I’m certain it was only one night.” “Agent Doggett, what do you see?” Agent Reyes couldn’t help wonder what he was doing picking at that grass and looking all around him. “Not a heck of a whole lot, Agent Reyes. Foot prints maybe. I’d say we just gotta sit this one out until that girl wakes up and can tell us what happened. God these people are good at covering these things up.” Doggett said, frustrated. “What people?” The woman asked. The agents ignored her. “Mrs. Colburn, thank you for your help. We may want to contact you again some time. Do you have a number where we can contact you?” “Yes, uhm. Do you have a paper and p-“ Agent Reyes already had her notepad and pen out to take the number. “Okay, my home number is 555-7416. I’m at home all day, except for when I pick my kids up from school.” “Okay, thank you Mrs. Colburn. You can go home now, if you want.” “Have a good day, Agents.” The woman left, walking back up the road. Both agents stood watching her, Doggett with his arms crossed over his chest, Reyes with her hands on her hips. “Should we go back to check on the girl?” Reyes looked over at Doggett “I doubt that she woke up in the short time that we were gone.” “Lunch first, then?” “Sounds fantastic. Polish sausage?” “Uh, John? No. Let’s go somewhere where we can sit down inside to eat.” “Agents, you’re back.” Doggett and Reyes walked down the hospital hallway, Doggett still wiping off his face from lunch. “Yeah, we wanted to know if she’s awake yet.” “No, I’m sorry. She isn’t. And my shift is over. Good day, agents. The evening nurse, Betty should be coming soon- Oh, there she is.” “Hi Mel.” “Betty, Agents Reyes and Doggett.” “Hi there.” Doggett and Reyes said together. “They’re looking into that girl who came in here early yesterday.” “Yes, I remember. Hi.” “Is there any way to know if she’ll be conscious soon?” “No. There’s no way to really tell. But it’s not like she’s in a coma. I’m a little at a loss as to why she’s not responding to us. It could be any time, though.” “Okay, well Agent Reyes and I are going to stay here a while. Come get us when she wakes up?” “Yes, of course.” Doggett went to sit down, Agent Reyes stood in front of him. “Are we just going to sit here all day? Are we just going to live at the hospital until we can talk to this girl?” “Yes, there’s nothing to do on this case anyway, until that girl can give us somewhere to start besides that baron, clean of footprints field.” With that, Agent Reyes sat down, picking up a magazine, not wanting to talk to Doggett right now. “Agent Doggett.” Agent Reyes tapped him lightly with the back of her hand “John. Wake up.” “Hm? What?” “It’s late. You fell asleep. I think we should just go home and come back tomorrow.” Doggett stretched, cracking his back. “Sounds like a plan.” Doggett put on his coat he had been using as a blanket, nodding to the nurse. “Call me if she wakes up.” “Yes, sir.” “You driving?” Doggett asked Reyes with sleepy eyes. “Absolutely.” “Welcome back, Doctor. How’s did it go with the girl?” “Is this why you wanted to see me, sir? That was two days ago, we’ve moved on to other things now.” “Yes, we have. But it’s all going to come back to us eventually and we’ll have to start over, again.” The doctor began to look worried. “I hear from some of your colleagues that you screwed up. Went about and did your own thing, disobeyed orders, because you’re just now deciding what you do is wrong.” The doctor’s heart jumped up to his throat, keeping him from responding right away. Why did that little bitch have to snitch on him, anyway?” “Yes, maybe I did, sir. But I-“ “You’re going to fix this problem. You’re going to go back to Maryland, and bring her back here.” “But, sir. We should take her back to her family, at the least.” “You failed me once, now you’re going to make it up by bringing the girl back here. If this gets out it’s all over. If it gets to Scully, to Mulder, or Doggett, or whoever runs those stupid X-Files, it’ll be your life that’s in danger. We want to revive this conspiracy. And so far we’ve done a piss poor job, because of you.” “If we’re going to continue to take children from their happy adoptive family’s, then I want out. I refuse to take part in this anymore.” "You'll suffer the consequences" The doctor hesitated. "I'll reason with you. You get out alive, but you destroy the evidence." "But, the eviedence is--" "The girl? She's a clone, doctor. Not a person. Just bring her to us and you're out clean." The doctor still wasn't sure if he could trust this rat he worked for. Why was he letting him out? How did he know he wasn't going to expose it? Because he was. The minute he was at a safe distance his story would be heard. And he would make sure that it was proven. "I'll bring her back, sir" The doctor left the office quickly, getting away from those neutral eyes he couldn't read. He was scared for sure. His life was in danger! Even if he did return the girl. If he didn't though, he would be hunted down. If he did get the girl, they could kill him right there. * * * "Up and at 'em Agent Reyes." John Doggett said from behind the closed apartment door. . "John it's early." Monica Reyes protested, opening the door for him. "It's 11:00am!" "Well, considering how late we were up last night I wouldn't consider this anything but early." “Aw, come on. Look, I even have lunch for us” Doggett opened the white paper bag he had behind his back and sniffed it. “Since I couldn’t get what I wanted yesterday, I’ll get it today.” “Best in the city.” Reyes said to herself. “I’ll get my stuff and then we can go.” Agent Reyes put on a sweater, combed her hair, grabbed an apple and was out the door. Doggett took his time driving, balancing the sausage in one hand as he drove. Agent Reyes stuck with the apple she had brought, so Doggett just ate her sausage too on a bench outside the hospital. “Was that more sausage than you could handle?” “I could eat a thousand.” He responded smugly, walking into the hospital. “Where are we going?” Reyes stopped and watched Doggett turn down a different corridor than yesterday. “The girl was moved last night. That’s why I wanted to get here early.” Doggett and Reyes walked down the hallway until they reached a small nurse’s station. “Hi, Agent’s Doggett and Reyes. Do you know what room the Jane Doe. We were told she was moved upstairs.” “Yes, the nurse downstairs told me of the situation. She’s in room 506, upstairs. I’ll page the doctor. He knows more about what happened last night than I do.” “What happened last night?” “Well, like I said, I don’t know much about it. I wasn’t here, but her charts say she was having small seizures.” “Seizures? Do you know why?” The nurse became angry. Why couldn’t these agent just wait for the doctor? “No, I don’t know why. I do know that she was conscious for a short time between the seizures. She started crying at one point.” “Is she still conscious?” “No. She calmed down, and fell back into her coma. It was then that they decided it was best to just wheel her out on the bed she was already in.” The nurse went to the elevator. “Our pediatric center takes two floors. She’s on the second floor. We have a nurse in the room at all times, in case she has another seizure.” “You say the seizure only happened when you tried to move her from her bed?” “Yes. We’d like to take x-rays, and a cat scan. But everytime we move her-“ “She starts convulsing.” Reyes finished the doctors sentence, her voice monotone as she continued thinking. “Exactly. We thought it would be better to wait for her to wake up and tell us what happened. She looks about nine or ten-years-old. I’m sure she’s independent enough to tell us.” “Yes. I suppose she would be.” All three of them stopped at the girl’s room. The agents looked in, a nurse was standing above the Jane Doe, taking her temperature. “We’ll be in the waiting room. Let us know when she wakes up.” “All right.” Doggett sat, fixing the lapel of his coat. Agent Reyes continued standing. “John. Why are we wasting time by sitting around in a hospital all day, waiting for a little girl to come out of a coma?” “Because she’s the only thing we got on this case.” “Yes, but there are other cases we can work on. And we have phones. The hospital can call us, or Agent Scully any time. People can stay in coma’s for weeks.” “One more day. I promise.” * * * "She's waking up. Get Agent Doggett in here" The nurse called, sticking her head out of the little girl's room. The little girl stirred in her bed and cringed in pain. She lie still with her eyes open as Doggett and Reyes came in. "You talk to her first, Monica. I think a woman's voice would be better than my harse old time cop tone." Doggett stood back, leaving Reyes alone at the foot of the girl's hospital bed. "Hi, my name is Monica" she said, coming around to the girl's side. "How are you feeling?" The girl stared blankly, her eyes moving from Reyes, to Doggett, to the nurse. "I know you're probably scared. But we need you to talk to us if we're going to find your parents. Can you tell us your name?" The girl still did not answer. Doggett stepped up. "I guess she's a little shy." "Or scared. From all of her physical wounds I'd say she's been through a lot." "Maybe we should call Agent Scully--er, Dana." "Why?" "I think she should----" "Où suis-je?" The quiet voice of the young girl interrupted the adult's conversation. * * * "Is she talking?" Dana Scully stepped off the elevator with Agent Reyes. "Yes, kind of." "Kind of?" Scully said quizzingly "She's not speaking english. It's french. I know spanish, and some root words are the same, and some grammar concepts are similar, but I still haven't got a clue what she's telling me." "What has she been saying?" Agent Reyes simply shrugged and looked into room 104 to see Doggett trying to communicate. "Do you know english?" He was saying over and over. "English?" "Agent Doggett!" Reyes said astonished, "How many times have you asked her that?" Doggett shrugged sheepishly. "Do we know her name, at least?" Scully asked Reyes was about to say no, when Doggett spoke up, proudly. "Sophie Corriveau." "Congratulations, Agent Doggett" Scully said, pulling a chair up to the bed to sit closer to the girl. "Sophie? I'm Dana. I'm going to get you some help, so we can talk and find out what's wrong with you, okay?" Scully stood up and turned to the two agents. "Call Mulder, he took french in high school." * * * "Yeah, but that was highschool, Dana. I---There's not much chance that I can understand that much." "Anything will do for now. You remember the basics, right? Now get in there!" Mulder went in shyly, and uncertain of what to do. He took the seat that was still there beside the bed and glanced back at Doggett and Reyes who were sitting in chairs in the corner of the room, talking quietly. Sophie was still just lying there, unusually still and stiff. "Hello, Sophie? Ta nom, c'est Sophie?" Mulder said cautiously, hoping he got it right. But Sophie said nothing, so he tried again "Je m'appele Fox. . . Je veux t'aider." The girl still wouldn't respond. Mulder kept wondering what he was doing wrong. Sophie tried to sit up, but she was forced to lie back down from the pain that struck her. Scully rushed over, placing her hand on Sophie's forehead. "Why does it ----" she stopped and looked at Mulder "Ask her why it hurts, or where it hurts." "Sophie" Mulder tried to make eye contact with the girl, but she was fixed on Scully. "Maybe you should ask her" "I don't know french, Mulder" Scully said, shooting him the eyebrow. "I'll tell you what to say. Où est-ce qu'il fait mal. . . " Mulder said without much confidence. Scully looked back at Sophie. "Ok. Où est-ce qu'il fait mal?" Sophie thought for a moment. Scully gave up and turned to Mulder thinking the phrase must have been wrong, but Sophie answered. "Là" She tapped her neck, "là bas." "The back of her neck." Mulder spoke loud enough for Doggett and Reyes to hear "Can we get a doctor in here? We need to flip her over." "Mulder, what are you doing. You don't really think. . . " Scully unconciously rubbed the back of her own neck. "Hey, you want me to help. I have a one track mind, so yes I do think that." "Mulder, that stuff doesn't happen any more." "Maybe not to you, but we can't always be aware of these things, you think that everyone we meet has to be a victim of the things we investigated. "Yeah, but this girl can't be much older than 10. It's always been adults who report this type of thing." "I know." Mulder said as two doctors came in. "But let's just check first, get some X-Rays maybe." he said the last part half to Scully, and half to the doctors. "Well, I'm going to take off home. Charlie's still there, and I promised to spend the afternoon with him and Lisa. Call me when the X-rays come back" * * * "Scully? It's me" Mulder said into his cell phone. After the first "hello" from Scully, all he could hear was a screaming baby, Scully must have put the phone down for a second to give Charlie a hand. "Yeah?" Scully's voice came back to the reciever a moment later. "You didn't come back" "I think I'll stay home, Mulder" Scully glanced over at Charlie who held the screaming Lisa against his chest, bobbing her up and down and rubbing her back. "Charlie's having some troubles. What can you tell me about Sophie from the X-rays" "Well, there is something in her neck." Mulder squinted at the X-Rays. "But there was a swollen bump on the back of her neck when we flipped her over. I told the doctors not to touch it, or do anything to it. They've listened to me so far, but if the swelling is still there in a couple days they're going to try and remove the fluid from inside. I really need you here Scully, you're a doctor, they'll listen to you." "Well, what's in her neck?" Scully moved to another room to get away from the baby crying. "A metallic chip, just as I thought. But whoever put this one in put it in wrong. Which makes me believe that some amateurs are trying to get something new started." "What do you mean it was put in wrong?" "Well, either she's allergic to the material, or they put it in in such a way that it's pinching a very sensitive nerve on her spine. As soon as she moves a certain way it sends surges through her entire body, from what she tells me they're like quick shooting pains." "Well, can they get the chip out? Without damaging anything?" "That's what they're trying to figure out. The doctors are scared that it might leave her paralyzed." Scully became very worried at this point, and felt a strong need to help this little girl. "Okay" , she said "I'm coming down there. * * * Mulder, Doggett, Reyes and a few doctors were standing around outside Sophie's room when Scully arrived. "What's up? Why are you all out here?" "We had a little trouble with Sophie. Wanted to flip her on her stomach again to check on the swollen area. I requested it." "Why?" "The doctors are ready to operate. It will leave her without any physical damage." Scully sighed in relief "Well, why don't we just take it out? Why do we have to flip her over again?" "Because, we have to make sure the swollen area isn't filled with that biological toxin we're all too familiar with." "And we'd have to watch her very closely." Scully said in her serious doctor tone. "Excuse me" Scully pushed through the baracade of FBI agents in front of Sophie's door and went inside. "Scully had this happen to her" Doggett explained to Reyes "She shouldn't be here" He looked at Mulder. "Thank you for you concern, Agent Doggett, but she wants to be here. Abductees helping abductees. Plus, Scully's still not so sure she wants to remove the ship completely." "Why not?" Agent Reyes said, surprised. "Taking it out may result in cancer." "So that's why if we take it out we'll have to watch her constantly, and see that cancer doesn't begin to develope." Doggett finished, explaining to Reyes. Scully poked her head out of Sophie's room "Mulder, can you come in here for a second. She talking, saying the same thing over. I don't know what she's saying." "M'aiderez-vous? Pouvez-vous m'aider?" "Mulder?" "Just a second" Mulder thought "She wants help. She was you to help her." "Tell her we're doing everything we can." "Nous avons faire nos meillure." "Excuse me?" The doctor came in. "This patient needs her rest, after the incident this afternoon." "Of course doctor." Scully squeezed Mulder's hand. "C'mon, let's go." * * * "Dana! my big sister, you're back." "Yes I am. How has Lisa been?" "Still awake, but she's quieted down." "Do you want to take my bed for the night? Get some rest." "Thank you, Dana. You're always looking after me." Charlie kissed his sister on the forehead and said goodnight. Scully walked over to Williams old room and looked into his old crib, which was now occupied by Lisa. The baby's eyes were open, but she was very silent, sucking on her pacifier. She brought her arms up towards the mysterious woman abover her and wriggled her fingers. "Well, since you're awake you can come help me find something. Just no crying please." Scully picked up Lisa and went to her laptop in the kitchen. Sitting Lisa in her lap, Scully began clicking through sites BIRTH RECORDS came up on the screen. Lisa's slobbery hand came up to touch the screen, Scully pulled it away before the hand could touch anything. Scully began typing CORRIVEAU, SOPHIE. Nothing was going to stop Lisa's damp, dirty hands from touching the screen, before Scully could finish typing, there was a small handprint on her screen. "Lisa!" Scully said softly, pulling Lisa's hand back into her own to keep them contained. The search finished. The screen refreshed, and read CORRIVEAU, SOPHIE. ADOPTIVE RECORDS SEALED TO THE COURTS. "She's adopted." The entire moment reminded her of Emily. So many years ago now. Lost in her thoughts, the baby was becoming fussy. Scully unconciously begain bouncing Lisa on her knee. * * * "Dana, wake up." "Hm?" Scully opened her eyes wide "Where's Lisa?" She sat bolt, upright. "Relax, I put her in the crib last night. You were asleep with her on the couch." Not exactly the safest thing to do, Mulder thought to himself. "Where's Charlie?" "He's already out for the day. And we have to get going too." "Why?" "I got a call from the hospital. They're planning on operating on the girl today. You better get there before they start. I know how you want to get in on this." "I better get dressed. Can you go downstairs and have the car ready?" "Sure" Mulder left, and went out into the back parking garage. Finding Scully's car easily, he was out front just as Scully was coming out the front door. On the drive to the hospital Scully told Mulder everything she had found last night. "So she was adopted. Find anything about the adoptive parents?" "No." "What are you thinking, Scully?" "I don't know." Scully didn't want to mention Emily in front of Mulder, because she was afraid she was reaching too hard for connections. "It just seems so familiar to me." Mulder just nodded, not wanting to get started on the issue at this time. Sophie was already on her way to the operating room when Mulder and Scully got there. Scully uped her pace to a jog to catch up with the stretcher being pushed by several nurses, accompanied by the doctor. "What's going on. I was supposed to be a part of this." "This hospital runs on schedules, Dr. Scully. You're not a registered doctor at this hospital. If you hurry, you can come in. You're only to be an observer though." "Yes, I understand." Scully backed up towards the dressing room, already undressing. "Mulder, help me?" * * * In the operating room, a nurse was just getting ready to place Sophie's IV, she winced when the needle broke the skin. Scully came in, with full operating scrubs and took Sophie's hand, even though she was supposed to stay out of the way. "Don't worry Sophie, I'm here." "Okay." The doctor spoke up "Let's see what we have here. Excuse me." He said to Scully. Scully let go of the girl's hand and stepped back. "Our main objective here" , the doctor continued " is to remove the chip that has been placed in this girl's neck, and is effecting the spinal cord." "Might I suggest that we simply move it from its position to a place where it doesn't affect the spinal could, because removing it could make her very sick." Scully said in a auspicious tone. "Where did you get that from? You have experience with this?" "Lots, actually. And instead of going into details, gentlemen, let's make an incision and start this thing." The operation went smoothly, Scully making suggestions here and there, and giving advice. "Okay, I found it. It's out. Want to start patching this patient up." "Wait." Scully said with urgency. "You have to put it back in." "Dr. Scully, this is what the problem was, she's better now." "But I'm telling you. She'll get sick. You have to put it back in, but in a spot that won't affect her so much, or better still, not at all." "So are we all agreed on this. Are we going to put it back in?" Scully gave him "The Eyebrow" "How's this sound, we put it back in. After recovery if we find out it's still affecting her, we simply take it out." Scully hoped the doctor would listen to her. He thought for a moment but agreed. "Thank you, doctor. Put it back in, just under the skin, no further." * * * "How'd it go?" Mulder was waiting just outside the double doors which led to the O.R. "Well", Scully said, still wearing the now messy hospital scrubs. "It went well, once I was able to get them to take me seriously. Constantly asking "why" and "please move, you're in the way" "Well surely the don't hate you, or anything silly like that." Mulder smiled, Scully returned the smile but still wouldn't look at him directly. "You're becoming attached to this girl, aren't you?" "No I'm not." She practically whined. "I just wish I could talk to her directly, maybe then I would become attached. How do you care so much about someone you can't talk to? Maybe if there's a connection. One that one would not even know about, unless something brought back a memory, or a feeling from the past." "Scully? What are you trying to say?" "I don't know what I'm trying to say." "Scully?" Mulder said firmly, wanting her to be the one to say it, just in case he was wrong, because he'd hate to be the one to bring it up. "Come on, Mulder! Doesn't she look familiar to you?" Her words were pleading with him to think like she was thinking. "Minus the hair colour, she looks just like her, Mulder. She looks, " Scully took a breath, which caught in her throat, "she looks like Emily." Mulder couldn't bear it, Scully began to cry. Something he had conforted her for so many years ago. This made him angry. Why would she do this to herself? So he asked her. "Why are you doing this, Scully?" "I'm gonig to run a blood test." she said, ignoring him. "And do a comparison." "No, Dana. This is over. It was over a long time, it took you so long to move on, and it still is hard for you. To have it happen all over again. Why?" "I want another chance. I think about it all the time. There's was nothing I could do to save Emily. To have a second chance, to keep this girl Sophie safe. I have to know." "I know what this is about. It's not just Emily, it's William. This is about giving him up. Scully, we both know, you can't have children, if you want to adopt, adopt. Go to an agency, go through all the legal stuff. Stop looking for biological children to care for, because it's too hard on you." Scully's face was completing flushed, her mouth gaping. In one swift mouvement she slapped him, leaving a red palm mark on his face. He was stunned at her response. She was gone when Mulder recovered and looked up, she was on the other side of the double doors, heading back to the O.R. END PART ONE