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Hello. How on earth did you find this place? And what's a seamouse? It's a little marine animal and I think it's cute. And now, finally, for the few, the proud, the easily distracted who have asked, here is a seamouse!Click here to see!Wait, don't. Since I linked to these great photos, they've gone away. Shoulda saved the silly things to disk and uploaded. Oh well. I'll find more. Wait! They're back! Go click on it!

Why write a personal site? Narcissism comes to mind. Well, actually, lately I've really been wondering why. I mean, there's nothing particularly special about me. Just another speck jumping up and down in the void hoping to be noticed, and then terrified that I actually will be. Welcome to my quarterlife crisis.

Last update, 12-07-03

Allow me a moment. I would like to rhapsodize about coffee. Coffee wakes us up (well, if the caffeine doesn't do it, the taste sure will - blech. But in a very, very good way). Coffee can be sipped alernately with alcohol or all sorts of other things to maintain a beautiful balance between waking and sleeping, like that place where your mind is open and aware during that instant before it swims up through sleep to settle in behind your eyes for the day. Wonderful stuff. And now back to our regularly scheduled egocentrism.

Oh, and my latest online toy: Livejournal! Click here if you like
Please note that I am lazy and hate writing links, so I'm saving that for last. For now, just make frequent use of the "Back" button. You can get anywhere from this page. Scratch that. I've been promising to make the links for two years now. It's never going to happen. Just forgive me and use the back button, or decide it's too much trouble and leave. No biggie for me either way.

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