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Pink Feathers Rock
My ATC's
Since Im proud as punch of some of the art work Im producing right now, I thought Id go and dedicate a whole page to my little nervous obsession with ATC's, granted if you've ever done an exhange with me for some of these bad boys, you'll know how slow I am at creating them and getting them sent off, but once you have them your most thourghly impressed...I hope.

I almost always paint my ATC's, there all done in my usual kind of comic style what nots, so thats why when there all scanned in on the computer they look a little grainy, so'k there not really all that bad, they just look it because I had to mess about on the computer with them. Oh yeah and if your wondering why I dont cover them or owt (i had the backing plastic bought for this kind of activity), its because I always like people to feel them, I like the feel of the paint, especially on my more abstract work, so I guess I just want other people to get a feel of them too, dont be alarmed its just one of my weird painty artist things.
...5. Pussy Click on the month below to see the ATC's i made in that month....
Anyway to the right are all the ATC's Ive done to date, and where they've been sent,
Note: no actual adresses and what have you mentioned here, just Nervy user names and rough location. Just so no strange people get their addys and what have you.

All of them are painted using Acrylics and the out lines just black marker.

The usual way I make my comics, there all fairly comicy anyhow. I dont have the pacients it takes to make collage atc's and my writings too scruffy most of the time for we to write cool poetry on them, so yeah what you see is what you get.
November 2002 [*] (39 ATC's)
December 2002 [*] (11 ATC's)
April 2003 [*] (3 ATC 's)
June 2003
July 2003
August 2003

...5. Pussy
1. The Great Wotsit (see) (ah wheres this gone? I sent it and I cant remember who to)
2. JM Mascarade (see) Lyrica - California
3. Mermaid (see) Lyrica - California
4. The Red Head (see) Lyrica - California
5. Pussy (see)
6. Dog In Hell 7. Box of Love 8. Escalator To Heaven 9. Im Not From Around Here 10. How Unicorn Got His Horn 11. Pervert (see) (see) (see) (see) (see) (see) (see)
40. Moody Rain Fae (see) Illusia
41. Why wont It Stop (see) Illusia
42. What You Lukin At (see) Tam
43.Windy day Girl (see) Tam
44. To Turn Your Back (see) Illusia
45. Angel Fish (see) Aimee - USA
46. Pink Rabbits Rule (see) Christine
47. Blue Dude (see) Tam
48. F.I.S.H (see) Tam
49. ATC's Arent Doodles (see) Tam
50. JM Jade Girl (see) Aimee - USA
51. Head In the Sand (see) Christine
52. Angry Unicorn (see) Christine