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Pink elephants ARE AWSOME!

Why i like Pink elephants

sites that have nothing to do with elephants

boondock saints websites, best movie in the world
i get bored easily
when i cant think of a good screen name

ok well i think elephants are cool! and um also i think i am really funny, but im probably not. yea so now im gunna make it look like i have tons of friends and 'shout out' to them, even tho if i had friends then why would i be sitting here making a website because i am bored? Amber- u know that u wanted to hang out with us, we r just too cool in our chains Katie S- kinky!! haha u were connected ot me and jordan in public!! zach- u know i want u...wait no i dont, i have new friends! Jess- the knight who says noodle!! u know u think me kt and jordan are way to awsome! Kathleen- i miss seeing u!, we r gunna party in ur hottub Wayne- so wayne, u wanna hook me up with some of my new 'friends'? caitlin- he should of took the fingers(signs) right? Gina- SAL-AY! basketball kicks butt!!i am gunna miss u i love u! Christa- ur a great friend, thanx for being there Jordan- UR my only pimp, UR the King, and Im Always there for you, no matter what, i love u, thanx for bing there Mikey- Dont be sad, BE HAPPY :> everyone else who will never see this- i dont write to u cuz noone is ever gunna read this, but if u do and ur names not on there then tell me and ill eather put u on or say something mean to u! ok now anyway party!!! yayyayayayaya!!!! ok so im just gunna say incase u cant tell i have a little bit of an insucurity problem, i dont think anyone wants to hang out with me or likes me, except the people i have been friends with forever, and then i still dont think they pay any attention to me oh im sorry i talk ALOT but thats ok so guess what!! i have A NEW FRIEND!! r u my friend?
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