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Martin Luther was so incensed with the church of his day selling pardons for sins (known as "indulgences") that he nailed a series of articles, called "theses" onto the door of a local church. The series of reactions which that action led to sparked the movement that later came to be known as "The Reformation".

No-one is selling indulgences these days; nevertheless, indulgence has become the overriding feature of many of our lives and the root of most of our problems. I am incensed that so many people meekly claim "That's how things are!" or  plead "What can I do about it" that I have written my twelve articles in response. I have no physical church door to nail my articles on, but in publishing these commitments on the web I sincerely wish to spark a movement that will lead to a new reformation of western civilisation; a reformation it is clearly in need of.  It is an enormous task, but the enormity of what he was taking on did not stop an obscure Medieval German monk from remaining true to his ideals and in doing so changing the world.

I am appealing here to everyone who wishes to renounce the imbalances in our lives brought about by irresponsible indulgence, but who are reluctant to ally themselves with organizations that also condemn such actions as part of their wider anti-life platforms.

I am proposing a new commitment. It is not a religious or a moral commitment in the accepted sense of those terms.  I am proposing a series of articles which I have committed myself to following and I urge you to do so too after reading them.

The articles are not a pick and mix selection. You should not choose those which suit you and reject those which do not. To join the Newpy Movement you should simply be prepared to accept All Twelve Articlesand attempt to live your life by them.  There should be no threats of fire and brimstone behind your commitment, no fear of a final judgment or hope for pie in the sky. To be a Newpy, you simply have to be a seeker after fulfillment of your human potential on this earth, whether or not you believe there is more to come after we have all been laid in the grave.

                                                                                                          Paul Weathercock
                                                                                                          March 11, 2004.


The articles are still in the draft stage and I would really welcome the help of other Newpies in developing either the articles themselves or the extended commentaries. If you feel you could help with this task please: write to the author

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