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New News!!!

After a summer break nCr are back with the latest release on the imprint. Random Access Crew unleash a high density 30 mins of rephlexual electronics that don't sit still for a second. Quality programming and proccessing elevate this release to the top of the nCr catalogue. Essential for fans of Warp, Tigerbeat6 etc. Check the artist section for sound samples.

Old news....

O.K. nCr's first live gig was a massive success, the whole night was excellent and PIGDOG can be very proud. We look forward to their future events!

River Fish Duo is back in Bolstrop and has put up a bit of info in the artists section.
There is also the first in an exclusive series of monthly mp3's now available in the Nasakenai Douji section. Exclusive mp3's from the other nCr artists should follow soon.

The crazy guys at PIGDOG have invited nCr to play LIVE!! for the first time...Nasakenai Douji will be joined by Notphik from NRC recs in the absence of the river fish duo. We'll be on before..Bess Keloid...Disco Operating Systems...and Suspicion Breeds Confidence...and it's all happening at

Britons Protection (Upstairs) 50 Gt. Bridgewater St, Manchester.
Sat 9th June 8pm - 11pm
£2 Entry - Bring Yer Pals

Bad News for antone still hoping to get a POllard CD from P'neck as they've sold out! But I'll be getting more copies to them soon as I can

The eagerly awaited cd from Random Access Crew is nearing completion...but for those who just can't wait for it...there is a split cd by the same guys coming soon on PIGDOG records...and it's ace!

New site...with added flash and faux-lifestyle program colour schemes and stylings...hope your suitably impressed AND DISSappointed at the same time...//

Good news for anyone still after Su Pollard Deconstruction Cd's. They are now being stocked in pelicanneck in manchester and cost under a fiver....

The best news though, is that

RandomAccessCrew are to release an LP and Remix LP on nCr....we welcome them to our roster...

Check out their nCrtist page...NOW!!!