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I do these sites for practice. I called this Sublime because that's what i was listing to at the time. You probably already know how this works. You take site. You use site. You give me some credit - a little link back would be nice Thank you. OK. On to the good stuff. I stopped using frames a long time ago.

  • Banner has "My Homepage" on it. There's an image blank
  • 10 buttons blanks including roll over button
  • Flash will load to this page if left alone on the index page
  • 6 HTM files top.htm where "My Homepage" is. left.htm - the buttons are there. topleft.htm nothing is there but could add a logo or something. frameset.htm - that's the frame codes. blah.htm - that's what you see here. And index.html thats the main page with the flash
  • main.swf - that's the flash file
  • email addy - great thing to have ok.

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