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Long Beach Island Vacation 2002

Here's Me, Rob, Shawn, and Johnny in the backyard of my beach house.

Here's Devin chillin on my dad's friend's deck.

Rob & Johnny posing in front of my beach house.

This is Me, Devin, and Rob on the back of Devin's Jeep Wrangler.

He looks tired..........i wonder why.

Here's Shawn chillin before one of our many parties.

This is Me And Johnny in my house after breakfast.

Rob in his Crouching Tiger Stance. But wait, he turns into Azzurri, MAGNUMIZED!

Shawn and Johnny behind a alcohol Pyramid.

Here's Rob holding My Dog Wallace.

Here's Rob and Johnny next to Johnny's 2000 Firebird.

Here's me using the tiger claw technique to subdue Rob.

Here's Rob getting his revenge on me for hitting him in the balls.

Here's Me, Devin, and Rob being ourselves.

Dear God, What the hell is that?!